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NFL conference championships are set, which teams advance to the Super Bowl?

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After the annual best weekend of the NFL, both the NFC and AFC Championships are ready to go.

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

For a lot of football fans, the divisional round of the NFL playoffs is the best sports weekend of the year.

You have two games each day filled with the last eight teams remaining in the league. And the weekend didn't disappoint. On Saturday, the Saints had a valiant comeback fall short and the Patriots' running game dominated the Colts.

On Sunday, the 49ers advanced past Carolina to get to the NFC Championship for the third consecutive year and the Broncos withstood a Chargers rally late.

In the NFC, it's a West matchup of San Francisco and Seattle. In the AFC, it has classic written all over it with Denver and New England.

So, before I make any predictions (which will happen later this week), I'll turn it over to the Baltimore Beatdown community. Which teams advance to the Super Bowl?

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