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Ravens-Broncos: The Bad

A lot of players played bad in the season opener against the Broncos. Let's look at who.

Before we start, I just want to say I'm sorry for not coming out with this on Sunday, I know I am a day late. Either way, the bad list is here, and it's worth looking at! There were many players that had bad games on Thursday, let's take a look at who they were.

The Bad:

  • Dallas Clark: The performance of newly acquired tight end Dallas Clark may have been the worst performance of the entire night. Clark dropped a few balls, including one that could have been an easy touchdown. Most of the passes thrown to Clark were perfectly thrown by Joe Flacco, but in the end, Dallas would drop a few of them. He did finish the day with seven receptions for 87 yards, but it wasn't pretty, and those stats could have been a lot higher if he did what he was supposed to do.
  • Ed Dickson: TE Ed Dickson had a horrible game, as well. He dropped at least four passes, which isn't good at all. Dickson had one reception for thirteen yards on the night, but if he would have been paying attention and working hard, he would have had at least five receptions. The fact that the fill-in for Dennis Pitta is playing this bad, shows that something needs to be done. Most Ravens fans believed that he could return to his dominant 2011 form, but instead, he showed us on Thursday that he may just be the average Ed Dickson that we saw last season.
  • Corey Graham and Michael Huff: I have decided to add these two together, since they were the absolute worst defensive performance in all of Week One. These two men allowed multiple touchdowns to Demariyus Thomas, Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas. They could not cover, could hardly tackle, and they earn a spot on this list for sure. If the Ravens' secondary wants to get any better over the course of this season, they need to evaluate Corey Graham and Michael Huff, just in case they aren't the right men for the job at CB/FS.
  • Jimmy Smith: Don't get me wrong, Graham and Huff weren't the only players in the secondary that played bad. Jimmy Smith allowed 114 yards on six catches, which included a 28-yard touchdown by Andre Caldwell. He played better than the two mentioned above, but in no way does he come out of that game with positive publicity; he still had a pretty bad game himself.
  • Brynden Trawick: If you have been looking at any of the Ravens' media outlets, you definitely know who Brynden Trawick is. Yes, he was the guy that blocked a punt in the first preseason game against the Buccaneers, allowing LaQuan Williams to score an easy special teams touchdown. If that was his entire record this year, then that wouldn't be too bad. But, on Thursday night, Brynden Trawick was blocking for Jacoby Jones on a punt return, Jones called a fair catch, and right when he did, Trawick runs into him. Jones sprained his MCL and is said to be our four-to-six weeks. Injuring Jones is the only reason why he is on this list, but hopefully he makes up for it at some point.
Obviously, in a 49-27 loss, there is going to be more players that played bad. I've decided to give you guys the main ones here, and I want you to debate any other players that may go on this list.

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