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Ravens could test receiver market with Jacoby Jones out for 4-6 weeks

Brandon Lloyd pops up as an intriguing option to sign if the Ravens feel the need to acquire another receiver.

With Brandon Lloyd still available in free agency, is it time the Ravens finally take a chance on him?
With Brandon Lloyd still available in free agency, is it time the Ravens finally take a chance on him?
Jim Rogash

With Jacoby Jones out for four to six weeks with a sprained MCL, the Ravens could decide to look at other options at receiver.

As it stands, the Ravens have five other receivers on their roster in Torrey Smith, Brandon Stokley, Marlon Brown, Aaron Mellette and Deonte Thompson. Thompson sprained his foot in the preseason opener against Tampa Bay, with his status unknown for Week 2 against Cleveland.

If Thompson's unable to go, the Ravens would only have four receivers available — a third-year vet, a 37-year-old vet and two rookies. It might be time for the Ravens to look at some other options.

Here's what's available on the free agent market at this time:

Brandon Lloyd: Lloyd is clearly the best receiver on the free agent market, though no teams have felt the desire to take a flier on him. He's an outside receiver that can stretch the field, which is precisely what Jones' role was. There's a reason Baltimore's offense began to sputter with Denver turning up the intensity this past Thursday. Without Jones, there wasn't a second deep threat. Lloyd could provide that immediate need. He wouldn't put up numbers comparable to his 2010 season with Denver (1,448 yards, 11 touchdowns) but he'd provide a downfield presence.

Tandon Doss: There's always the option to bring Doss back, though the third-year receiver might not feel so inclined to return to the team that let him go just a couple of weeks ago (then again, what are his other options?). Doss understands the Ravens' system enough to where there wouldn't be a learning curve. That said, Doss was having problems understanding the offense, which is one of the reasons why he was let go. He'd also be a special teams asset since he has experience returning punts.

Laurent Robinson: One reason Robinson has stayed in free agency is because of his history with concussions. He's apparently been cleared, though there's still a certain risk involved with bringing him on. However, the Ravens signed Stokley, who's had quite a few concussions of his own, so they understand the risk involved. The Boston Globe previously reported that the Patriots wanted to sign Robinson but were fearful of his concussion history. Maybe the Ravens could take a chance here, especially if it's for a one-year, veteran minimum.

Devery Henderson: Despite the height difference (Henderson is only 5-11), Henderson and Jones are somewhat comparable. The two are exceptionally fast and are used to stretch defenses vertically. Clearly, Jones is a better overall receiver than Henderson, but the speedster could be used on the outside to keep teams honest. Washington recently released him as he's still a free agent.

Chaz Schilens: Sticking with the speed theme, given that's what Baltimore needs outside at the moment, Schilens could be a weapon based on his 4.38 40 time. However, he hasn't been able to prove much as an NFL receiver, though he deserves some benefit of the doubt for spending his first four years with Oakland and last season with the Jets. He hasn't had too many opportunities in below-average offenses, so maybe his skills could be put to use in a system like Baltimore's.

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