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Opening Night

Denis Doyle

If you're as excited for tonight's season opener as I am, you probably have a special bar, friend's house, projector, or your own house where you're watching the game from. Even better if you're there in Denver or at M&T Bank stadium. Granted, it would have been truly awesome had the Ravens opened the 2013 season in Baltimore, but that's behind us now (it's also not the first time the Super Bowl champion had to open on the road). As a devoted Ravens fan and football fanatic, I've been anticipating this night for months, and the excitement's been building exponentially all week.

I'll be going to the favorite local sports bar out here in Southern California; my go-to spot for any major sporting event and most Sundays. It's a classic dive place called Rocco's, but the manager hooks it up and they sell $8 pitchers of microbrew. They also fire up some mean wings. I'm interested to hear where and with whom Beatdown readers will be watching tonight's game, please share!