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Ravens-Broncos: Baltimore Beatdown predictions

The writers at SB Nation's Baltimore Beatdown offer their take on what will happen in tonight's Ravens-Broncos season-opener.

At least one Baltimore Beatdown writer thinks Joe Flacco is in for a big game Thursday night.
At least one Baltimore Beatdown writer thinks Joe Flacco is in for a big game Thursday night.
Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

It's game day, meaning it's time for the folks at Baltimore Beatdown to offer their predictions on the Ravens-Broncos game.

Feel free to offer yours below in the comments section. Without further ado, here's what we each think the outcome will be:

Jason Butt: In five years under John Harbaugh, the Ravens have never lost a season-opener. That's quite the feat, considering it's arguably the toughest game to prepare for, considering you don't know what the other team will break out. It's a testament to how he prepares his team entering each season. Speaking specifically about the Broncos, however, Denver will be without Von Miller and Champ Bailey, making their pass rush and coverage weaker. The Ravens' defense do just enough to contain Peyton Manning and the vaunted Broncos' offense to pull out a road win 31-27.

Victor Hensley: The Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos face off for the second time in just eight months. Peyton Manning is upset, just like the rest of Denver and they want revenge. The absence of Von Miller and Elvis Dumervil poses problems for the Broncos. The Ravens' younger defense will force some stops and turnovers against Denver. The defending Super Bowl champs get the win, 27-17, with the world watching a game that should have been in Baltimore.

Zachary Beard: The Baltimore Ravens will win 27-13. Baltimore's new and improved defense will be a nightmare for Peyton Manning and his beat-up offensive line. Joe Flacco will prove why he is worth all the money the Baltimore Ravens paid him this offseason, connecting for three touchdowns on 250-plus yards of passing. There will be a strong showing by at least one rookie (my money is on Matt Elam getting his first career interception) and a disappointing performance by one of our veterans (Ray Rice will be held under 100 yards rushing). Overall, the Ravens will show why they are the reigning world champions and start off the 2013 NFL season.