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Jacoby Jones will return to Ravens practice this week

Jones will begin testing out his injured MCL this week.

Jacoby Jones will return to practice this week to test out his sprained MCL.
Jacoby Jones will return to practice this week to test out his sprained MCL.

The Ravens could use another playmaker on the outside to take away defenders in the box.

Therefore, Jacoby Jones, the speedy receiver that injured his MCL in Week 1, couldn't come back soon enough. During his Monday press conference, Ravens coach John Harbaugh announced that Jones will begin testing his knee out in practice this week.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>WR Jacoby Jones (knee) will begin practicing this week.</p>&mdash; Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) <a href="">September 30, 2013</a></blockquote>
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Jones sprained his MCL against the Broncos when safety Brynden Trawick, now on the practice squad, collided with him on a punt return. The injury has limited Baltimore's options in the passing game, which has in turn had a negative effect on the entire offense.

This isn't to say that if Jones can get back on the field that the Ravens will be back to having a balanced offense, with defenders staying honest to account for Jones' deep threat ability. But it's at least a start.

With the Ravens unable to run the ball against the 30th-ranked run defense in the NFL, and with Joe Flacco throwing five interceptions, this team could use all the help it can get right now.