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Tuesday's Mailbag: September 3rd, 2013

What is the Ravens' weakest position besides WR? & more!

Ravens' CB Lardarius Webb tackling Hines Ward in 2011.
Ravens' CB Lardarius Webb tackling Hines Ward in 2011.
Rob Carr

Happy Tuesday, Ravens Nation! I hope all of you are enjoying the last Tuesday before Baltimore Ravens football! The Ravens are set to open the 2013 NFL season on Thursday, September 5th, against the Denver Broncos in Denver. Before you guys can watch the game on Thursday, you must read the open mail that we, Baltimore Beatdown, always have on Tuesdays! Let's get started.

Q1: Other than WR, will there be any positions that the Ravens may be a little weak in this year? - sttopher315 on BB

The wide receiver position really isn't too weak, since the Ravens do have Smith, Mellette, Brown, Jones, Stokley, etc. Of course, that isn't the question you're asking.

For this upcoming season, I'm not too worried about any position too much. If I had to choose a position, I'd probably go with cornerback.

I still am not very sold on the way some of the cornerbacks have been playing. Webb and Graham are the only two cornerbacks that I feel will have great seasons. Jimmy Smith has not been impressive at all in the preseason, and it isn't looking like the Ravens should rely on him too much.

The cornerback position on the Ravens has the potential to be both weak and strong; which will it be?

Q2: Do you think the Ravens already have McKinnie's heir in Wagner, or will they still need to bring someone else in at this point? - sttopher315 on BB

I believe that Rick Wagner could be the answer at either RT or LT to replace either Michael Oher or Brant McKinnie.

It really all comes down to who the Ravens will have in the future, Oher or McKinnie, as well as what he looks better doing. Wagner received awards at both positions while he was at Wisconsin, so it is just a matter of how he looks in the NFL. He most recently played left tackle, which is why he may be replacing Bryant McKinnie if they lose him after this season.

Only time will tell, but I believe that Wagner has the talent to be a starting tackle in the NFL, as long as he has a better work ethic than a lot of the offensive linemen on the current Ravens team.

Q3: Are there any teams you think will make the leap this year? Teams that aren't exactly perennial winners but might be primed for a playoff berth? - sttopher315 on BB

When I read this question, the St. Louis Rams come to mind.

They are in the toughest division in football this year, with the San Francisco 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks. Last season, the Rams had a 4-1-1 division record last season, where they only lost to the 49ers and Seahawks once. The Rams have the potential to be a top team in the NFC next season, especially with their weapons like Tavon Austin and Chris Givens.

Fans in St. Louis should be excited for the upcoming season, and I truthfully believe that the Rams may be able to get either Seattle or San Francisco a run for their money.

Q4: If a WR trade happens, who is likely to be dealt and what is the potential compensation? - @realWillThrill

It is hard for me to say who will be dealt. All I know is that if they do trade for a WR, it will probably for Titans' wide receiver Kenny Britt.

Kenny Britt is very talented, but his injuries and behavior have given him a bad reputation. If the Ravens were to trade for him, it would be hard to say who they'd give up. The Ravens might trade one of their safeties, since they do have so many. I just couldn't imagine who that player would be.

I feel, though, that it is highly unlikely that they trade for a wide receiver at all. I am confident in their current receiving corps, and I do not think that they need to get rid of any player or draft pick to get a seventh WR.

Q5: Why do the Ravens have so many safeties? - @realWillThrill

Compared to the rest of the AFC North, the Ravens have the average number. The Steelers have five safeties, the Bengals have five safeties, the Ravens have five safeties, and the Browns have four safeties.

The number of safeties on this year's Ravens' team isn't very unusual at all. Even though I said above that the Ravens could trade one of their safeties since they have so many, I was referring to the number of quality safeties that the Ravens have.

Well, that seems to be the end of this week's edition of Tuesday's Mailbag! Unfortunately, we didn't have many questions this week. Remember to e-mail me questions at OR tweet them to me @Frezeal33 OR put them in the comments below! I hope you all have a wonderful rest of your Tuesday, and get ready for the game this Thursday!