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Ravens-Bills: Postgame Roundup

Quick news and notes from the Ravens-Bills game, which the Ravens lost 23-20.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens Actually Lose to the Bills

Yea, that actually happened. My mind is still numb as I am trying to comprehend how the same team that beats the Houston Texans 30-9 then loses to the Buffalo Bills 23-20. Playing on the road is no excuse.

Offense Lacks Chemistry

The Ravens offense lacked the chemistry that it has had in the past today. Drives never seemed to be sustained, rather just an individual big play or two or good field position led to points today. The offensive line did not play together, the receivers (minus Torrey Smith) were in a different universe than Joe Flacco, and the running game never got a chance to get going. Their lack of unity was especially prevalent in the red zone.

Is Ray Rice Actually Healthy?

Despite Ray Rice being medically cleared and playing today, the fact that Jim Caldwell was only confident to hand him the ball 5 times the entire game raises questions. Rice was also held without a reception.

Ed Dickson Continues to Struggle

Joe Flacco really tries to trust Ed Dickson, but it is becoming increasingly more difficult. Through 4 games, Dickson has 6 drops. His batted-pass-turned-interception was particularly ugly.

Joe Flacco’s Five Interceptions

An ugly number, yes, but those five interceptions were not completely Flacco’s fault. There was the one that Dickson batted, the final one that took an unlucky bounce, and one in the end zone that Torrey Smith failed to make a play on. Flacco also had very little time to decide where to throw the ball.

Joe Flacco Gets Mauled

The Ravens’ offensive line gave up 4 sacks and 12 quarterback hits en route to their worst performance so far. Flacco was constantly forced out of the pocket, often rolling out and creating more time with his feet. The team 2.7 yards per carry is also embarrassing, regardless of how many rushing attempts were made.

Run Defense Stinks

Despite defensive lineman Brandon Williams and Chris Canty returning, the run defense was just terrible. 203 rushing yards for the Buffalo Bills. There is not really anything else to say, besides the fact that this was not a particularly good offensive line they were facing. Two-hundred-and-three.

Torrey Smith Has Big Day

Torrey Smith is a true number one receiver. There is no doubting that. Displaying a full arsenal of routes today, Smith caught 5 receptions for 166 yards and a touchdown. He is on pace for 1,740 yards this season.

Deonte Thompson Returns

Deonte Thompson, a player many thought would win the starting receiver spot this year, played his first game since suffering an ankle injury in the preseason. He caught 4 receptions for 50 yards despite limited playing time.

Deonte Thompson Concussed

And just like that, Thompson is gone again. Let’s hope that it is not serious (by concussion standards) and he can once again return to the line up.

Ravens Have Tough Road

The Ravens’ next three game are the Dolphins, Packers, and Steelers. The Dolphins are playing very well this year, the Packers still have Aaron Rodgers, and the Steelers are still the Steelers, regardless of their record. The Ravens could easily start the season 2-5. Here's to hoping that they don't.