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Ravens-Texans: The Bad

A look into the players that didn't play up to par in Sunday's game against the Houston Texans.

Ravens' offensive lineman Michael Oher attempting to block Texans' defenders.
Ravens' offensive lineman Michael Oher attempting to block Texans' defenders.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

There were players that played very well. There were players that played pretty bad. There were also a few ugly moments. Here is a look at the players that's play was unsatisfactory. The ugly will be released tomorrow.

The Bad:

  • Offensive Line: It seems that almost every time I come out with the "bad" list, the offensive line as a whole gets put on it. The line allowed the running backs to be tackled four times for a loss, along with allowing Joe Flacco getting sacked twice. They let pressure get to Flacco, which made him throw a few throws that he didn't want to. They struggled to block for Pierce, Leach, and Draughn, as they had a combined 31 carries for 75 yards and a touchdown. The running backs were expected to do a little more, although they were facing a tough defense. The offensive line played alright against a defense like the Houston Texans, but I would have liked to have seen less pressure on Flacco and the rushing game pick up and get more than 75 yards.
To tell you guys the truth, this may be the only thing on my bad list. The offense played bad as a whole, and had a few communication issues, but that will be explained in my "ugly" article that is released tomorrow. If you disagree with this list, or you feel that someone should be added, talk about it in the comments! I will take that person into consideration, and may add them after all.

*NOTE* I considered adding TE Dallas Clark, but for a few reasons, I refrained from doing so. If you feel he should be on this list, express that opinion in the comments below.

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