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Ray Lewis denounces team leadership, Joe Flacco says former linebacker 'knows better'

Ray Lewis stirred up some controversy in the aftermath of the Jacoby Jones' champagne incident when he criticized the Ravens' lack of leadership

Chris Graythen

Ray Lewis had some rather blunt things to say regarding the bus fiasco and Jacoby Jones. He blamed the incident on lack of proper leadership. Lewis told the Baltimore Sun,

When you think about the Baltimore Ravens and the transition that they went through, they're missing leadership right now.

For over a decade Ray served as the team leader, a focal part of the defense. He rallied the Ravens through good seasons and not-so-good seasons with his emphatic speeches and notorious dances. He has every right to voice his opinion on the current state of leadership within a team he played 17 season for.

Joe Flacco's response to the matter was the following:

It is what it is. Ray knows better than that. Things happen. I think we're usually a pretty good team with stuff like that. If you look around the league there are probably a lot of leadership problems then. Like I said, Ray knows better.

Flacco makes a good point. There are still many NFL teams that lack solid leadership, including the Browns, Rams, and Panthers, to name a few.

Though I appreciate Lewis' commentary on the team thus far, and his feedback regarding Jones' recent incident, I don't think he should be losing sleep over it. Flacco knows what his role on this team is, and he and the offense face a hard task the next few weeks with trying to create chemistry despite injuries to Jones and Rice.

Hopefully Flacco will take Lewis' words in stride and use them as motivation for him to become a team leader.