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"America's Game" to Air Tonight

"America's Game", the annual documentary about the Super Bowl Champions, is set to air tonight.

Ray Lewis after the Super Bowl XLVII victory.
Ray Lewis after the Super Bowl XLVII victory.

The Baltimore Ravens will be on this year's edition of "America's Game," and it will be airing tonight at 9 p.m. EST on NFLNetwork. This is normally the greatest recap of a team's championship season, and Ravens' fans should remember it from also being on the 2001 edition. (After 2000 Super Bowl title.)

On this one-hour-long event, fans will hear/see a recap of many things during the 2012 season. It will go in-depth about things that most people did not know. It will be narrated by Baltimore native Edward Norton. Quarterback Joe Flacco, head coach John Harbaugh, and former linebacker Ray Lewis will be the three people interviewed about the season.

According to, here are some highlights:

  • NFL Films got footage of Joe Flacco when he was drafted in 2008. Surrounded by family, Flacco says, "I want to be a Raven."
  • It dives head-first into Flacco's willingness to speak up and challenge his coaches, including Head Coach John Harbaugh. There is video of a sideline spat with Harbaugh in 2010, in which Flacco tells his head coach, "Get off my back."
  • One of the more interesting parts is an exchange between Flacco and former Offensive Coordinator Cam Cameron in 2011. It was in the final regular season game in Cincinnati. Flacco tells Cameron they're playing too conservative if they want to win a Super Bowl. "I'm not trying to argue with you. I'm just telling you what we're going to need to do," Flacco says.
  • The film goes into what the media dubbed a "mutiny" last season. "That was challenging. That was tough. A bunch of strong-minded men," Harbaugh said. "But the good news was they had a strong-minded head coach standing in front of them. So if there was going to be a fight, then hey, let's have a fight."
  • Harbaugh explains his decision to fire Cameron, and Flacco and Lewis go into how it affected the team.
To get more of the highlights, click over to

Set your DVR's if you aren't going to be home, because this one should be good for all football fans; especially fans of the World Champion Baltimore Ravens.