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Tuesday's Mailbag: September 19th, 2013 -- Extremely Late Edition

Vonta Leach a tight end? More Kenny Britt rumors? & more!

Ravens' LB Daryl Smith sacking Browns' QB Brandon Weeden on Sunday.
Ravens' LB Daryl Smith sacking Browns' QB Brandon Weeden on Sunday.
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, Ravens Nation! Once again, my 'Tuesday's Mailbag' section is late. I chose to postpone it for a few days to try and generate a few questions, and it helped a little. We have some mail to open, so let's get started!

Q1: Why not use Vonta Leach as a tight end on some of the passing plays? - jerry.parrish.52 on BB

This seems to have jumped in a lot of fans' minds, especially with the way the tight ends have really been playing. Leach is a great receiving fullback, and we saw that in Week One when he caught the first touchdown pass of the 2013 NFL season, but let me go ahead and make this clear. Vonta Leach is not a speedy, slim guy. He has average speed, and he is a large man.

If Leach were to become a tight end, he would fail at it. He is one of the greatest players in the league at his position, but he wouldn't be one of the greatest in the tight end position. Opposing defenses would cover him like crazy, making him unable to catch the ball in the first place. If he did catch whatever ball is thrown to him, he would then have to run and get upfield at a quick rate. That is not his cup-of-tea.

Vonta Leach should just stick with blocking and running the football, occasionally receiving the football on short passing plays.

If I had to choose a player to convert to tight end, it would be fullback Kyle Juszczyk. He was one of the best receivers at Harvard, even though he was still a fullback. Juszczyk looks like he could be able to handle the tight end position, but it would take some work for him, which is why I thoroughly believe that both Leach and Juice will stay at their respected positions.

Q2: Have the Ravens ever had so little depth in the Harbaugh Era? Just four CBs (razor thin), 6 healthy O-Lineman, and just 4 healthy WRs (Doss, Brown, Smith, Stokley) one of whom, being a complete scrub. At this point Doss isn't just a body, we NEED him. What do you think of the roster configuration? - Lindsay Askew

Truthfully, I would have to say that this is the team with the worst depth in the John Harbaugh Era. The Ravens were close to this in 2011, but they were not quite this bad.

I am not too concerned about the roster this early, though. I know the four healthy receivers isn't a good thing, but we have yet to see the corps struggle as a whole. Marlon Brown has had two terrific first games, along with Torrey Smith. Most of the balls being thrown to Stokley have been a little high, but he is still catching a few. The point is, the lack of depth, especially in the receiving corps, isn't posing too much of a problem to the Ravens.

As for the offensive linemen, they aren't doing a bad job either. They have allowed six sacks in two games, the amount of sacks that the Ravens had against the Browns in Week Two.

There is no reason to fret about the lack of depth just yet, because the Ravens are currently 1-1, tied for first place in the AFC North.

Q3: Who on the Ravens' defense impressed you the most? The least? - @LetsGoAlex

I was definitely impressed by LB Daryl Smith. He had three tackles and eight assisted tackles, logging eleven tackles in all. He also added one-and-a-half sacks to his stat line, which makes it much more impressive. The man that is currently attempting to replace Ray Lewis is doing an outstanding job at it, already having a total of fifteen tackles and one-and-a-half sacks. Daryl Smith is one of many pieces that are helping to make the Ravens' defense much stronger.

If I had to choose someone that didn't impress me, I'd have to say the secondary as a whole. The Ravens should not have allowed Brandon Weeden and the Browns to pass for 194 yards. Jimmy Smith, Corey Graham, James Ihedigbo, etc. all had decent games, but if they want to defeat teams like the Houston Texans this week, the entire secondary will have to play much better. Lardarius Webb, on the other hand, played a pretty good game, having eight solo tackles that led the team.

Q4: Any news on the Kenny Britt rumors? - @JuanB251

Actually, there has been a lot of talk about Kenny Britt and the Ravens ever since Britt's tweet a few days ago. If you missed it, here it is:

Like I've said in previous mailbags, it is very possible that the Ravens could acquire Britt in some way. According to Rant Sports, it would be a smart idea for the Ravens to try and sign Britt after he leaves the Titans in 2014. Of course, this means that the Ravens won't have him for this season, but having him next season might be the better option. Brandon Stokley will be 38-years-old and who knows what will happen to him. Jacoby Jones will become an unrestricted free agent. It just makes sense to sign Britt in 2014, as long as he's healthy and out of trouble.

I am sure the rumors will continue to be talked about, and who knows, the Ravens might trade for Britt tomorrow. In the NFL, you always need to expect the unexpected. (See Browns' UNBELIEVABLE Trent Richardson trade.)

Well, it seems as if that is all for this week's edition of Tuesday's Mailbag! We NEED questions to answer, so it would be great if you guys could send them in! Tweet them to me @Frezeal33 OR e-mail them to me to OR leave them in the comments below. Have a great rest of your week, Baltimore Beatdown Faithful!