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NFL power rankings 2013: Week 3 Ravens roundup

One well-known website has the Ravens as high as No. 6.'s Pat Kirwan wasn't too kind to the Ravens in this week's power rankings.'s Pat Kirwan wasn't too kind to the Ravens in this week's power rankings.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Pro Football Talk: No. 6

The NBC Sports affiliate hasn't been keen on watching the Ravens on offense this season due to the inconsistencies. Perhaps, PFT gave Baltimore a favorable ranking because of the defense then.

The Baltimore Sun: No. 9

Matt Vensel called the Ravens win "uninspiring" but ranked the Ravens in the top 10 anyway.

SB Nation: No. 11

The dot com guys were among the other national sites unimpressed with Baltimore's 14-6 win over Cleveland.

ESPN: No. 11

ESPN notes that Joe Flacco is 2-for-13 on throws longer than 20 yards through two games. That certainly needs to improve.

FOX Sports: No. 12

Former Ravens coach Brian Billick wonders whyFlacco missed the birth of his second child for that kind of performance against the Browns. No. 17

Pat Kirwan believes that the Ravens are in a developmental stage right now, even though they defeated Cleveland on Sunday. Then again, how they beat Cleveland might be why they slipped to 17.

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