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NFL power rankings 2013: Where should the Ravens rank for Week 3?

Various sites will release their weekly power rankings today. Where do the Ravens belong?

Where should the Ravens rank in everyone's power rankings this week?
Where should the Ravens rank in everyone's power rankings this week?
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens came away with an ugly 14-6 win over the Browns, but a win nonetheless.

Does that do enough for all the pundits out there to place the Ravens in their respective top 10s? It could be tough, considering there are eight teams with a 2-0 record.

The Ravens were blown out on the road by a Denver team that, offensively at least, is beginning to look like that 2007 Patriots team that couldn't be slowed down. Even though Baltimore surrendered 49 points, it might not be that bad of a loss considering how well Denver's running game looked this past Sunday.

However, Baltimore's offense didn't do itself any favors by recording less than 300 total yards against the Browns. Cleveland does have a much improved defense, though the Ravens were unable to move the ball in the running game. Even with Marlon Brown catching his second touchdown pass in two weeks, the Ravens need their receivers not named Torrey Smith to step up.

So where are the Ravens at this stage of the season? Are they a top 10 NFL team? Or are they not?

Vote in the poll and comment below.

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