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Ravens-Browns final score: Defense relied upon in 14-6 win

As the old expression goes, a win is a win. Baltimore exemplified this today in an ugly win over the Cleveland Browns.

Patrick McDermott

The Baltimore Ravens certainly never make it look easy, do they? Coming off of a blow-out loss to the Denver Broncos last week, the Ravens desperately needed a win this week.

After raising the Super Bowl banner (a week late, might I add) the game was quickly underway. After squandering quite a few opportunities early on, the Ravens went into halftime trailing 6-0; thanks to a strong defensive showing.

I imagine John Harbaugh had quite a few choice words for his team at halftime, because the team came out looking entirely different the second half; scoring two touchdowns (one for Bernard Pierce and another for Marlon Brown).

While this wasn't a pretty win, by any means, it speaks for the Ravens resiliency to come back after an embarrassing loss to the Broncos, put it behind them, and win the next one. It was certainly not the most entertaining game to watch, either, but a win is a win, folks.

I look forward to seeing what this team will do next week against the Houston Texans!

Go Ravens!