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Ravens fan favorite Bobby Rainey, now with the Browns, returns to M&T Bank Stadium

Cut from the Ravens, the Browns picked up Rainey to be their kickoff returner.

Bobby Rainey returns to M&T Bank Stadium to play against the team that cut him this past preseason.
Bobby Rainey returns to M&T Bank Stadium to play against the team that cut him this past preseason.
Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

Bobby Rainey displayed good vision and a knack for breaking tackles after first contact during his two years with the Ravens.

During the past two preseasons, Rainey had one of the best showings, but would up not making the 53-man roster by the time each season's first game rolled around (he initially made it in 2011 but was cut a day before the opener against Cincinnati.)

Unable to make the roster in 2012, the Browns swooped in and claimed him, making Rainey their kickoff returner.

Rainey had a pretty good day returning the ball against the Dolphins last week. He took four kickoffs for 103 yards, good for an average of 25.8 yards per touch. His longest return was for 33 yards. You can bet that Rainey would love nothing more than to break a big return against the team that let him go this preseason.

"I was disappointed," Rainey told The News-Herald a little over a week ago. "I thought I did enough to stay on the team, and they released me. I figured I would get picked up from the performance I had. The Browns called, and I was excited. I get to go against the opponent who cut me."

Rainey showed his skills as a returner during his time with the Ravens as well. Therefore, special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg is a bit familiar with him. Given that the coaches know Rainey's skill set fairly well, Rosburg said the Ravens are more focused on what the Browns' coaching staff might try to do in the return game instead.

"It's probably the other way around — we're probably watching more scheme than we are him, because we do know him so well," Rosburg said. "We have an understanding of all of his talents, so whoever is back there for them, we're going to try to defend him through the scheme. Different returners have different styles, and we know his style quite well."

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