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Looking ahead: Joe Flacco in Week 2

The Cleveland Browns are coming to Baltimore on Sunday to take on the Ravens, let's hope Joe Flacco is in better form

Rob Carr

I don't have a doubt in my mind Joe Flacco's numbers will be better this week than they were week one against the Broncos. Jim Caldwell put the pressure on Flacco last week, having him throw 62 times against a Broncos defense that exhibited very solid coverage protection. The poor play by tight ends Dallas Clark and Ed Dickson didn't help Flacco's situation either (we miss you Dennis Pitta).

The offense took a blow when Jacoby Jones got injured, but it's high time Baltimore's receiving corps comes together, meaning Flacco gets a consistent #1, #2, and hopefully #3 man to pass to down the field. Everyone knows Flacco has deadly potential with the long ball-it would be great to see that potential realized again. I didn't get the impression last week that the Ravens offense had come together or 'figured it out'. They looked very different than they did last postseason, granted Boldin and Jones were out of the lineup.

This weekend Michael Oher will be back in the lineup (he missed week 1 due to a sprained ankle), meaning Flacco will get improved protection on the line. Additionally, Flacco is undefeated against the Browns with a 10-0 record. He will have to be weary of an improved Browns defense, and will likely have to play the short-pass game for the first half to gauge how the Browns pass rush responds, it's unlikely he will get much time in the pocket. Above all else, Flacco and the Ravens are back on home turf, and that means the Ravens will come out strong and in full force. Flacco has 38 touchdowns at home in Baltimore and averages 250 yards while at home. If history and numbers tell us anything, Flacco's redemption chance is this Sunday.