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Ravens power rankings: As high as No. 7, as low as No. No. 13

Pro Football Talk and the Baltimore Sun still believe the Ravens are a top 8 team after the Week 1 loss to Denver.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

With one game in, each media entity has now been given a first impression of each team.

With the Ravens losing 49-27 to the Broncos, some of the luster from the Super Bowl championship has apparently faded. The good news is that there are no rankings in the NFL like there are in college football, meaning each loss counts the same and is relative to your division.

All AFC North teams lost this past week. No harm, no foul, in a way.

Nonetheless, those around the internet love to come up with their own rankings system as a way to compare all 32 teams with each other. Here's where they see the Ravens:

Pro Football Talk: No. 7

The folks at the popular Pro Football Talk blog, in conjunction with NBC Sports, believe the Ravens are still among the top teams despite the loss. After all, one game is just one game. They are also the highest-ranked team that's 0-1. The blog also joked whether it's too late for Baltimore to ask for Anquan Boldin back.

Baltimore Sun: No. 8

The local newspaper noted that the Ravens set a franchise record for giving up 49 points in a single game. The Sun also wonders whether it's a one-time thing or something to worry about?

FOX Sports: No. 9

FOX believes last Thursday's game had more to do with Peyton Manning than it did with the defense. In actuality, FOX thinks the Ravens' defense will prove to be better than last year's by season's end.

SB Nation: No. 10

The dot com guys dropped the Ravens two spots after the loss, which isn't that bad all things considered. SB Nation still believes Baltimore's defense will get it together but is beginning to have concerns about the offense.

ESPN: No. 11

The Ravens fell three spots in ESPN's power rankings, with an interesting point made. A year ago, the Ravens surrendered 15 passing touchdowns. Almost half of that total (seven) has already been reached in one game. No. 13's Pat Kirwan handles the power rankings and he has the Ravens just outside the top 12. His reasoning? No Anquan Boldin and a struggling running game.

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