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NFL power rankings 2013: Where should the Ravens rank after Week 1?

With Week 1 officially behind them, the Baltimore Ravens can now get over their 49-27 loss to Denver. But how far back should the loss put them when compared to the other NFL teams?

Are the Ravens still a top 10 NFL team after losing to Denver 49-27?
Are the Ravens still a top 10 NFL team after losing to Denver 49-27?
Doug Pensinger

Heading into Week 1, SB Nation ranked the Ravens at No. 8, despite the fact they were coming off a Super Bowl championship.

Then again, the theory was that there was just too much turnover on defense for Baltimore to be ranked in the top five that early in the season.

And, of course, the Denver game happened. The Ravens suffered a 49-27 loss with Peyton Manning going bonkers for seven passing touchdowns and zero interceptions. It was one of those games for the Ravens to learn and move on from quick.

This Ravens team still has plenty of talent on both sides of the ball. They just happened to run into a Denver team with a ton of offensive firepower that hit its stride early in the third quarter. Baltimore also had some unfortunate injuries (Michael Oher, Jacoby Jones) that allowed the Denver defense to attack more.

So as Week 2 power rankings begin trickling in today, where do the Ravens rank? Here's a quick look at last week's SB Nation power rankings:

SB Nation's Week 1 power rankings (last week):
  1. 49ers
  2. Seahawks
  3. Broncos
  4. Packers
  5. Falcons
  6. Patriots
  7. Texans
  8. Ravens
  9. Bengals
  10. Saints
  11. Redskins
  12. Giants
  13. Colts
  14. Steelers
  15. Bears
  16. Cowboys
  17. Lions
  18. Panthers
  19. Rams
  20. Chiefs
  21. Vikings
  22. Eagles
  23. Dolphins
  24. Buccaneers
  25. Browns
  26. Chargers
  27. Cardinals
  28. Titans
  29. Bills
  30. Jets
  31. Jaguars
  32. Raiders

Now it's your turn to weigh in below:

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