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Tandon Doss Disappoints In 2013 Preseason

Despite high hopes, Tandon Doss gets cut.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tandon Doss just never was able to get his professional legs under him. The Ravens and their fans hoped that he would be able to finally break out when given an opportunity, but he lost his job to some late round rookies in the 2013 training camp. His training camp was mostly highlighted by the earful he received from Joe Flacco and numerous coaches after running the wrong route on national television against the Carolina Panthers.

In 20 career regular season games, Doss managed only 7 catches for 123 yards and 1 touchdown. Not the numbers you want from someone who is supposed to be shouldering some of the load. All those catches and yards were last season and the only touchdown came when the Ravens were being walloped by the Texans. He was targeted 17 times which leaves him at a catch percentage of 41.2%. NFL receivers are looking for a catch percentage that is well north of 50%.

In the end, Doss will be remembered for his spectacular hands in practice, but disappointment on the playing field. Doss will be added to the long list of Big Ten receivers who did not make it in the NFL. He certainly has a chance to be on the practice squad, but he blew a really big chance this preseason to make an impact for the defending Super Bowl champs.