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Biggest Bust in Ravens Draft History

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This started with a discussion between myself and Amapallang, but I decided to take it site-wide...

A bust trying to sack another bust...
A bust trying to sack another bust...
Larry French

Who do you consider the biggest bust in Ravens history? Is it 1st round QB Kyle Boller, the heir apparent at QB who has ended up as a solid backup QB with some decent starts to his name? Is it Dan Cody, the injury prone 2nd rounder who never was able to overcome his myriad of injuries to make it on the field for more than 3 career games? Or maybe it is 2010 2nd rounder Sergio Kindle, who although injury prone in college, lost his career to a freak injury, falling down a flight of stairs before he ever played his first game. Another possibility is Travis Taylor, the #10 overall pick who never fulfilled his potential as our future at WR, but rather flamed out after 8 years and 101 games in the league, never surpassing 870 yds and only exceeding 4 tds once.

I think all 4 of these players can make a claim to the worst pick in the Ravens short history, but I would like to hear all of your arguments for or against your choice.

My choice is Dan Cody. As bad as Taylor and Boller were against high expectations, they both had some solid seasons and were good enough to stay in the league for years. Cody and Kindle, on the other hand, were both out of the league within a few years without making any impact, and don't look to make any impact in the future.

Why did I pick Dan Cody over Kindle?

Kindle was unsuccessful because he fell down a flight of stairs, not because of anything we could have known before….

We drafted Cody DESPITE his injury history, and he was ultimately unsuccessful since he couldn't get on the field due to those injuries.

I believe someone who you took despite his previous injuries, who was a total bust because of those injuries is worse than a guy with injury concerns who had a freak injury you never could have predicted.

In the first scenario, you gambled that he could overcome his injuries and you were wrong. In the 2nd scenario, he could have been the healthiest of people in the world in college, but he fell down some stairs or got in a car accident. I would say the first scenario is a bigger bust than the 2nd….and that is why I chose Dan Cody as my biggest bust!