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Baltimore Ravens Unveil Multimillion Dollar Stadium Upgrades

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Earlier today, the Baltimore Ravens unveiled the first installment of a two-year, $35 million renovation project for M&T Bank Stadium.

Beautiful M&T Bank Stadium
Beautiful M&T Bank Stadium

Back in February the Baltimore Ravens announced plans for a two-year, $35 million renovation project for M&T Bank Stadium.

These renovations consist of two phases: The first phase began back in March and the second is scheduled to begin in 2014. The first phase includes "extensive upgrades to the stadium's lower concourse and video boards" and the second plans to "target the upper concourse".

Earlier today, the Ravens unveiled the completed first phase of stadium upgrades to the public which included the following:

From the Baltimore Ravens official website:


Two LED high-definition video boards, measuring more than 8 feet high and 30 feet wide, were installed at the concourse entrances of gates A and D. (Approximately 60 percent of fans enter gate A for all stadium events.) These new high-definition boards, which have split-screen capabilities, will display a variety of content, ranging from in-game action, highlights, NFL scores, stats, welcome messaging and entertainment video.

Another dramatic improvement was the addition of four new LED boards – measuring 18 feet high and 18 feet wide – with one each placed on the sides of the two giant RavensVision HD video boards in the stadium’s inner bowl. Additionally, four new LED ribbon boards were installed to connect fully around the entire middle seating bowl. The east/west board measures 2.5 feet high and 96 feet wide, while the north and south boards are each 3.5 feet high and over 650 feet long.


The lower concourses were re-designed with a "Ravenized" theme that has been influenced by the brick and steel look of the M&T Bank Stadium exterior and other buildings on the Camden Yards complex. These features include support columns wrapped in brick, purple accent lighting and enhanced directional signage throughout each concourse.


All 16 lower concourse concession stands were completely renovated to improve the speed of service and freshness and quality of food. Stands were not only redesigned, but new cooking equipment was installed to allow for much of the food to be prepared directly in front of fans. Additionally, 34 points of sale were added to speed up the checkout process, allowing fans to return to their seats faster.

The addition of digital menu boards also makes it easier for fans to order food and beverage items, while upgraded condiment counters will provide a wider array of self-serve toppings.

Several new items have been added to the menu for the upcoming season, including a Gino’s Burgers & Chicken location at stand 109. Additionally, ARAMARK’s culinary team created several new signature items exclusively for M&T Bank Stadium for the 2013 season:


Specialty areas, such as the lower concourse’s Bacardi Zone and Talon Pub, experienced renovations and design upgrades. Two popular destinations for meeting friends prior to and during games, Talon Pub was enlarged and has been reconfigured so it opens to the concourse, while the Bacardi Zone was renovated for ease of access.


All four retail stores inside the stadium were remodeled, slightly increasing the size of each and providing a wider variety of merchandise for fans.


Local artwork featuring Baltimore and the Ravens was added throughout the stadium’s concourses and interior locations.

The Ravens official twitter account was generous enough to provide fans with pictures of some of the completed renovations: