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Arthur Brown: 'You Always Want to Prove Something'

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The rookie inside linebacker spoke with the Baltimore media after Monday's practice.

Arthur Brown says there's still a lot left for him to prove this preseason.
Arthur Brown says there's still a lot left for him to prove this preseason.
Patrick McDermott

Ravens rookie inside linebacker Arthur Brown was listed on the third team when the organization released its first depth chart of the season.

He won't stay there long.

Brown has been rotated in with the first-team unit quite a bit as the Ravens continue to figure out what to do at inside linebacker. Brown, taken in the second round of Kansas State, isn't your prototypical inside linebacker with size and bulk. But he's smart, quick and agile, and perhaps better suited to play in an NFL era that's seeing teams throw the ball more than they ever have before.

Brown spoke to the Baltimore media on Monday and talked about his upcoming role, playing in his first preseason game this Thursday and what he has to prove as the inside linebacker competition continues.

On where he feels he is after two weeks of training camp: “It’s been a development process since Day One. I’ve definitely made some strides when it comes to fitting in the scheme, and that was my main focus coming into it – really studying and grasping and having a full understanding of the defensive scheme. So, where I’m at, there’s a ways to go, but I’m definitely making strides.”

On playing with the first-team defense: “It’s going good. Just moving up, making strides, moving forward and taking it day by day. I’m really trying to learn and absorb as much as I can from the players around me.”

On if he feels he can find a role in third-down passing situations: “I would say that’s left up to the coaches to make that decision, but I’m definitely confident in my ability to cover passes on third down if they saw a need to put me there. Yes, indeed.”

On what he feels he provides to the inside linebacker position with his specific skill set: “I would just say physicality, with possessing speed as well. So, just those two combined, you can do so much with it – moving from sideline to sideline, and really just being a playmaker.”

On what his emotions are like heading into his first NFL game this week: “They all feel the same to me. I’m excited with this being my first professional game, so to speak, but I’m really just looking forward to putting it all together. We’ve been practicing out here, day-in and day-out, so [I’m] really just getting a chance to put it out there and display it in front of a crowd. I’m definitely looking forward to that.”

On if he feels like he has a lot to prove in the games from a competition standpoint: “You always want to make a statement. You always want to prove something. You always want to present the best. So, I think not only myself, but this team, has a lot to prove and a lot to do.”

On if he looks at Thursday’s game as an opportunity to show more than just his teammates what skills he has: “Yes, I think it’ll help not only ourselves as players, but our coaches get a better understanding of where we are as a team and what we can provide as players for this team. So, like I said, I’m definitely looking forward to being out there and playing with the guys, and also really seeing where I’m at.”

On if there are any areas of his game he feels he has noticeably improved since the start of training camp: “I would say just as far as technique, using my hands, that’s something I didn’t do … I did it in college, but there were some instances where I didn’t have to. But, what I’m seeing and what I’m noticing here is that you constantly have to use your hands as a linebacker against linemen.”

On how he has become acclimated to the playbook as opposed to college: “I would say it applies the same. There’s a lot more to take in, and with me coming from a 4-3 style defense to a 3-4, there were some adjustments that needed to be made, some perspectives that needed to be adjusted as well. But like I said, I’m making strides and just looking forward to getting better.”

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