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Omar Brown Focusing on What He Can Control, Not 53-Man Roster

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The second-year safety is one of those Ravens players competing for a final roster spot.

Omar Brown is once again proving why he's worthy of a 53-man roster spot.
Omar Brown is once again proving why he's worthy of a 53-man roster spot.

Omar Brown thought he had done enough to make the 53-man roster last September.

But when the 2012 preseason ended, the only spot awaiting him was on the Ravens' practice squad. But all was not lost as Brown did finish the 2012 season on the 53-man roster, signing to the unit last December.

And in a flash, Brown recorded his first career sack against the Giants in a Ravens 33-14 win. Brown has demonstrated a nose for the football in his brief appearances, demonstrated by recovering a football in his first career game against Denver last year.

Last preseason, Brown totaled one interception and three fumble recoveries in four games, demonstrating the instincts Ed Reed would later rave about. He had a team-high six tackles in final preseason game against St. Louis.

But it just wasn't enough then, as Brown fell shy of an active roster spot.

"Last year I learned that's not something I can control," Brown said. "This year, I wanted to have fun and enjoy it more."

Brown is once again showing why he's a candidate to make this year's 53-man roster when the preseason ends. He also has some help due to others' mistakes, considering the suspensions to Christian Thompson (four games for a substance abuse policy violation) and Asa Jackson (eight games for a second PEDs violation).

In training camp practices, Brown has once again demonstrated a nose for the ball. He's becoming backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor's worst enemy, having picked him off quite a bit of late. Brown owns one of training camp's best plays, as he leaped high in the air to come down with a pass Taylor tried to loft behind the secondary.

"He's made a bunch of plays on the ball," coach John Harbaugh said. "He's tackled well. He's really in the mix, and he's proved it for the second year in a row. He's got lasting power, and that's a good thing."

Brown said he has a much better understanding of the defense now that he's in his second year, which should only help his chances making this year's roster from the onset.

He also understands nothing's guaranteed.

"There are a bunch of guys competing for the new open job," Brown said. "The camp's been going good and it's been real competitive. Everybody's been fighting and making a lot of plays."

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