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Bryant McKinnie Says Weight Won't Affect Play On Field

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The veteran left tackle feels the overweight tag has followed him around ever since reporting to Minnesota heavy in 2011.

Bryant McKinnie doesn't understand why his weight has become a recurring story.
Bryant McKinnie doesn't understand why his weight has become a recurring story.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Bryant McKinnie is tired of the weight questions.

Since arriving to Baltimore, he's fielded a bunch of them. After Sunday's practice at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium in Annapolis, Md., McKinnie was asked if the weight issue was a big deal if he could play the position well.

After saying his weight won't affect his play, he, unprompted, spoke about what he saw as a situation being given more attention than it deserved.

"I don't know why this weight thing is following me back every year," McKinnie said. "I reported overweight one year. And now it's a constant thing. The thing about is when people see me they feel I lost or gained weight. It's not an issue. I'm not like a big, huge guy. I'm not fat or sloppy. People will see me and they're like, 'Oh, you lost a lot of weight.' Actually, I didn't. It's just every time I'm overweight, whether it's five or 10 pounds, people assume I ballooned up like crazy."

He has a point.

McKinnie more than held his own at left tackle in 2011 when the Ravens advanced all the way to the AFC Championship Game. After being benched for 16 regular season games in 2012, McKinnie shored up a shaky offensive line and helped the Ravens win the Super Bowl.

McKinnie is generally subdued, calm and quiet in the Ravens' locker room. Sunday, he was a tad different. Perhaps aggravated, he felt the need to speak out in defense of himself.

McKinnie said his target weight to play the 2013 season at was 346 pounds. He wouldn't disclose his weight on Sunday, after the Ravens concluded practice at Navy-Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, but said he was close to it.

In his eyes, it's not a big deal.

Sure, when he recorded to camp, he was probably heavier than a lot of the other left tackles around the NFL. But when it's all said and done, playing the position well is the first and foremost priority.

"Haven't I been doing that?" McKinnie posed.

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