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Sunday Ravens Links

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Here's your daily 'Cup of Joe' with Ravens stories from other sources around the World Wide Web.

Jonathan Ogden was inducted into the Hall of Fame Saturday night.
Jonathan Ogden was inducted into the Hall of Fame Saturday night.
Jason Miller

Jonathan Ogden's Hall of Fame Speech

Re-watch Ogden's speech over at

Mike Preston: We'll Never See Another Tackle Like Jonathan Ogden

The Baltimore Sun's Mike Preston believes Jonathan Ogden was one of the best to ever play the game at his position.

Highlights From Jonathan Ogden's Speech

The Baltimore Sun posted the best of Ogden's Hall of Fame speech from Saturday night.

Clifton Brown: Ogden's Speech 'Classy. Powerful. Memorable''s Clifton Brown writes that Ogden's speech was an inside look at the kind of person he truly is.

Michael Oher Hoping to Stay at Right Tackle

Michael Oher has spent the entire offseason and preseason at right tackle and prefers playing there, writes the Baltimore Sun's Aaron Wilson.

Christian Thompson on Borrowed Time

The second-year safety will be suspended for the first four games of the season for violating the NFL's substance abuse policy, and needs a strong camp to prove he belongs on the roster, writes the Sun's Wilson.

Ravens Fans Can Watch Any Game Online tells fans how they can watch any Ravens game this year if they're outside a particular region and don't get the games on TV.

Marlon Brown Showing Potential

The Carrol County Times' Matt Zenitz writes that undrafted rookie receiver Marlon Brown has showcased some potential in two practices after a career at the University of Georgia that didn't live up to his potential.