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Checking In With Las Vegas: NFL MVP Odds

The Bovada’s NFL MVP odds are a little staggering.

Robert Laberge

The Bovada in Las Vegas has come out with their NFL MVP odds and they are a little shocking. The formula is generally the same each year: take the best 8 quarterbacks in the league and sprinkle in an Adrian Peterson or Calvin Johnson type player. This year seems to be no different.

Player Odds
Peyton Manning (DEN) QB
Aaron Rodgers (GB) QB
Colin Kaepernick (SF) QB
Drew Brees (NO) QB
Tom Brady (NE) QB
Adrian Peterson (MIN) RB
Matt Ryan (ATL) QB
Robert Griffin III (WAS) QB
Russell Wilson (SEA) QB
Calvin Johnson (DET) WR

These are many of the names you would expect at the top of this list, but there are some that seem to be missing. I know many of you might be wondering where Joe Flacco is. Well, he is quite a ways down the list. Flacco is 23rd on the list at 50/1 which is tied with Chris Johnson, Marshawn Lynch and Phillip Rivers. I am not here to argue the merits of Joe Flacco and his elite-ness, but this seems like a gross oversight or just flat out ridiculous. Here are some of the names that are above Joe Flacco on this list: Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford, Tony Romo and J.J. Watt just to name a few.

Oh and to name one more, Michael Vick (MICHAEL VICK?!?) is 33/1. I can’t imagine they are getting a lot of action on that number. Vick hasn’t played a full season since the year Steve McNair was the Ravens quarterback. He also threw an interception per game last year and was sacked almost 3 times per contest as he danced around in the pocket and held onto the ball.

Anyway, in other news on the list, Ray Rice is at 66/1 in the same area as other running backs like Jamaal Charles, Doug Martin and Alfred Morris.

Joe Flacco is definitely the surprise of the list for me. 50/1 seems like pretty good value for the Super Bowl MVP. What jumped out at you? (