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Ravens appear to be seeking a trade

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With eight receivers worthy of making the 53-man roster, the Ravens seem to be angling to trade one or more to balance out the roster.

The Ravens are possibly looking to trade a receiver. If they want any kind of return, Jacoby Jones may wind up on the trading block.
The Ravens are possibly looking to trade a receiver. If they want any kind of return, Jacoby Jones may wind up on the trading block.

It's evident the Ravens have eight receivers worthy of making the 53-man roster.

Just when it seemed Tandon Doss was the odd man out, he came up big with five caches for 75 yards during Thursday night's 24-21 loss to St. Louis in the final preseason game.

Rookies Marlon Brown and Aaron Mellette have shown too much potential to let them walk and LaQuan Williams has become a valuable member on special teams.

When Harbaugh was asked about keeping eight receivers, and whether that made the rest of the roster vulnerable, the Ravens' coach revealed there could be a potential trade to remedy the problem of overloading one position group.

"We've got a bunch of guys, and I would like to think that we would hear from somebody, and some of the calls that we make would yield some fruit in the next 24 hours," Harbaugh told reporters. "We're heavy at certain positions, we've got players, and we're not going to just let a good player walk out the door here. We're just not going to do it. So, in the first week if we have to go heavy at one position ... We could do that for the first four weeks [if we have to] and go light at another position to keep our best players, we'll have to do that. Because I think we can game-plan and get through a game, [but] we want to do it with our best players."

What to take away from that is a receiver or two may be on the trading block. Who that is remains to be seen. It's unlikely it's Marlon Brown or Aaron Mellette — they've displayed too much potential early to trade away and are too young for another team to trade a pick for. The only three receivers that could possibly "yield some fruit" would be Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones and Doss. And there's no chance the Ravens trade Smith.

(Also, by floating trade talk to the media, it would seem Harbaugh and the Ravens want the other 31 teams to know they're up for making a deal.)

Baltimore has plenty of young talent that will look to contribute this year. But if the Ravens begin the year with eight receivers, it doesn't appear it will stay that way for too long.

"We'd love for someone who has a need, or who has a strength in an area where we need something, you'd like to think that we could do some business," Harbaugh said. "We are heavy in certain areas, and wide receiver is one of them. It's kind of interesting, you look at that position and people considered it a weakness of ours. There is a lot of depth there. Who becomes the stars that everybody talks about in terms of being a strong wide receiver group remains to be seen. But all of those guys are going to be really good players in the National Football League, and just because they aren't household names now doesn't mean they won't be soon."

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