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2013 Ravens (and NFL) roster cuts deadline

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Unsure when the final cuts need to be in by? Baltimore Beatdown has you covered below.

Anthony Allen is one of many players that will find out if he's on the Ravens or not in the next two days.
Anthony Allen is one of many players that will find out if he's on the Ravens or not in the next two days.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Wondering when the Ravens will finalize their roster? You're in luck, because all of that information will be covered here.

The deadline: The Ravens, as well as the rest of the NFL, have until 6 p.m. EST on Saturday to finalize their rosters. As it stands, the Ravens have 75 players on their roster. They need to cut 22 more to reach the mandatory roster number.

When cuts begin: The Ravens can begin announcing cuts at any time, from now and until 6 p.m. this Saturday. In fact, they'll probably make some announcements today, as that's what coach John Harbaugh told reporters late Thursday night. Some cuts will be made today, and the rest on Saturday.

What happens after the cuts: Once the roster is set at 53 men per squad, teams will enter regular season mode. This means more moves could be made. Just because a player makes the initial 53-man roster, it doesn't mean they're safe. Last year, Bobby Rainey came out of the preseason on the 53-man roster. A week later, Anthony Allen took his spot. Such is life in the NFL.

Practice squad eligibility: As long as a player hasn't accrued a full season -- six games of regular season game action in the NFL's eyes -- then they have practice squad eligibility. This designation is generally geared toward undrafted rookies that otherwise wouldn't make the roster. If a player is on the practice squad, they are eligible to be signed off of it onto a 53-man roster without being subjected to waivers. This happened a few years ago with Cary Williams, as Baltimore plucked him from Tennessee's practice squad.

To read more about the practice squad rules, the fine folks at Cincy Jungle have all the details.

Feel free to discuss which Ravens players should stay or go below in the comments section.

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