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Baltimore's Entering a Golden Age of Football

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Jonathan Ogden's induction into the Hall of Fame is only the beginning of better things to come for the Ravens' football team.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Just six months ago, the Baltimore Ravens hoisted the Lombardi trophy for the second time in franchise history; a feat which effectively electrified the city of Baltimore.

Now, six months later, the first "home-grown" Raven has been inducted into the Hall of Fame (Jonathan Ogden). With all of the recent success, one thing is becoming clear to me; Baltimore is entering a golden age of football.

As Ogden put the finishing touches on his enshrinement speech, I realized that the greatness that is Baltimore football is just beginning. The city has its franchise quarterback locked up for many years to come, talented youth on both sides of the ball and at least two sure-fire Hall-of-Famers waiting to be inducted in Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.

Some may argue that their departure signifies the closing of an era for the Ravens, but I on the other hand think it is just the beginning.

As the 2013-2014 NFL season approaches the Ravens are continuing to solidify their ranking as one of the league's marquee teams. A combination of youth, outstanding coaching, and what is now a strong legacy; Baltimore football has an extremely bright future.

It's good to be a Ravens fan.