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Jonathan Ogden, the first Raven in the Hall of Fame

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Baltimore's first-ever draft choice, Jonathan Ogden, is now officially in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Jonathan Ogden is now officially in the Hall of Fame.
Jonathan Ogden is now officially in the Hall of Fame.
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Jonathan Ogden remembered the jacket and hat he was given on Draft Day in 1996.

The jacket, manufactured by Starter, was black, with a white outline around black lettering that read, "Baltimore Ravens." His hat was white with black lettering, reading "Baltimore Ravens."

No jersey, no colors.

The organization had just moved from Cleveland and didn't have an identity yet, just a name.

But as the first-ever draft choice in Ravens history, Ogden helped set the foundation for winning to come. In his fifth NFL season, the Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV with Ogden as the starting left tackle. On Saturday, Ogden was inducted into the Hall of Fame after a dominating 12-year career on the Baltimore offensive line.

"I am so proud to be the first-ever Baltimore Ravens draft choice and I am so humbled to be the first-ever Baltimore Ravens Hall of Fame inductee," Ogden said near the end of his speech at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

Before his speech, broadcast on ESPN2, Ogden posed quickly with his bust, before stepping to the podium. He quickly thanked Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome for selecting him fourth overall in 1996. As the story goes, former Ravens owner Art Modell wanted running back Lawrence Phillips. Newsome convinced Modell to take Ogden, even though Modell's belief was that an offensive lineman wouldn't sell tickets.

"You know what buddy? I think that worked out well for everybody," Ogden said in Newsome's direction.

Ogden, the first 2013 inductee to speak, thanked his late grandmother and father before briefly choking back tears. His mother, Cassandra Ogden, was on hand for the ceremony. A loud cheer erupted when Ogden pronounced, "On to Baltimore, where do I begin?"

He first thanked Modell, who passed away almost a year ago last September, saying he wished he could attend the ceremony. Ogden then lobbied for Model's inclusion to the Hall of Fame.

"Hopefully, one day we can get him here because what he's meant to the league has been tremendous," Ogden said.

Ogden singled out the offensive linemen he played with on the Super Bowl XXXV championship team, as well as former Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis and safety Ed Reed. He also thanked current owner Steve Bisciotti for giving him a Super Bowl XLVII ring.

Ogden, who turned 39 years old on July 31, became the youngest player ever inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"If you strive for perfection, maybe, just maybe, you can become great," Ogden said.

(Quotes came from the ESPN2 broadcast of the Pro Football Hall of Fame ceremony.)

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