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Cool article on the "Wolf Pack"

Patrick Smith

Earlier today Ryan Mink of posted a story describing his day with "The Wolf Pack": Sam Koch, Morgan Cox, and Justin Tucker. Needless to say this article has its fair share of hilarious moments. A few of my favorites included:

Every once in a while, Tucker will just start yelling out something random. He quotes a line from a Kevin Hart standup routine, "God is good all the time!" Later, Tucker starts singing lines from Styx’s "Renegade," except with cornhole-inspired lyrics.

Tucker starts singing "Renegade" again, this time in falsettos. Now the locker room's other loudest man has entered - Terrell Suggs. Suggs yells at Tucker, "Shut the ---- up!" Cox tells me, "Get both of them in here and you might not hear yourself think." Tucker audibly wonders if he and Suggs are about to throw down.

This is an extremely entertaining article worth reading. See it all here.