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Ravens LB Bryan Hall drops 50 pounds for new position, doesn't make team

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Coach John Harbaugh said it was a tough decision to cut Bryan Hall from the roster on Sunday.

Bryan Hall was among those released by the Ravens on Sunday.
Bryan Hall was among those released by the Ravens on Sunday.
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Bryan Hall's release wasn't easy.

Here's a guy that lost about 50 pounds this offseason to transition from defensive tackle to inside linebacker. The numbers game along the defensive line forced him out of the position and coach John Harbaugh told him he'd have a shot if he switched positions.

But as it stood, there were enough bodies there, too. Hall wasn't able to earn a spot there, as Daryl Smith, Josh Bynes, Albert McClellan and Arthur Brown were ahead of him on the depth chart.

"That's another [move that was difficult]," Harbaugh said. "Bryan takes off 50 pounds, and he really played well. It was just a tough call. Part of the idea there is ... Here's a guy who's been around for a while. It's going to be a little tough right here with the numbers, but we feel like he's got a chance to make it somewhere. So, if we do it this week - as opposed to next week - maybe we give him an opportunity more so to do that. [I] love him being on the team, love his attitude every day, his work ethic [and] the kind of person he is. He's another guy I think could play football for a while, but no matter what he does, he's going to be really successful."

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