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Ravens-Panthers: The Bad

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A look at the bad of the Ravens' third preseason game against the Panthers.

Ravens' TE Dallas Clark during a game against the Carolina Panthers.
Ravens' TE Dallas Clark during a game against the Carolina Panthers.
Mitch Stringer-USA TODAY Sports

In Thursday's game against the Panthers, the Ravens had things that were good, bad, and straight up ugly. Here is a look at the bad. The ugly will be coming out tomorrow, August 25th.

The Bad:

  • Joe Flacco: If you watched the game on Thursday, you probably realized the way Joe Flacco looked. At times, he was looking like he was having a really good game, at other times he looked like he was having a horrible one. The two interceptions, one for a touchdown, was the reason I decided to put Flacco in this category. Although he went 18/24 with 169 yards and a touchdown, the two interceptions were too critical for me to count them out. Other than the interceptions, Flacco played a very good game, and has the accuracy numbers to prove it. Of course, interceptions are bad, so he deserves to be on the bad list.
  • The ENTIRE Offensive Line: Just like last week, I have to call out the entire offensive line on this one, besides Gino Gradkowski and Marshal Yanda. Those are the only two offensive linemen that didn't have horrible games. The two main struggling offensive linemen were Jah Reid and Kelechi Osemele. Neither man could contain the defenders, which is why the Panthers were able to force three sacks, and tackle the Ravens six times for a total loss of 27 yards. For the second week in a row, the offensive line has looked sloppy and uncontrolled. When Yanda was in the game, the line was a thousand times better. But once he left after the second series, the line became a larger mess than it was versus the Falcons.
  • Dallas Clark: New tight end Dallas Clark had one of the worst games among all of the offensive players. He was targeted several times, but did not get a single reception. At one point, it looked as if Joe Flacco was doing all he could to force the ball into Clark's hands, but he would drop it every time. The other tight end, Visanthe Shiancoe, who is normally dropping all of the passes, came out with two receptions for 21 yards. With Shiancoe doing good and Clark doing bad, it will be interesting to see how the tight end competition goes from here.
  • Tandon Doss: Doss finds a way to get on this list every time, or at least it seems like it. Doss had one reception for five yards, but he didn't run routes well, nor did he catch passes efficiently that were thrown to him. Doss' main mistake came in the second quarter. He attempted to run a short, easy route that would give the Ravens a first down, but he ends up running it all wrong. Flacco throws the ball where Doss is supposed to be, and Drayton Florence picks it off and runs 71 yards for the touchdown. After that play, Flacco was seen yelling at Doss, helping him realize the mistake he made.
  • Chykie Brown: CB Chykie Brown didn't have himself a very good night on Thursday. Brown missed a few tackles, but the biggest one was in the first quarter on special teams. Ted Ginn Jr. received the punt, Chykie Brown had an easy tackle but ends up missing it, and Ginn takes it 74 yards to the house. Brown ended the game without a tackle, not good for someone that plays both defense and special teams, along with fighting for a high spot on the Ravens' roster.
Even though there were fewer players on this list, the game on Thursday was still hard to watch. If you have any suggestions for the bad list, feel free to let me know, and they may get added on!


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