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Ravens-Panthers: The Good

A look at the good of the Ravens' third preseason game against the Panthers.

Ravens' WR Marlon Brown fighting for extra yards after catching a pass against the Panthers.
Ravens' WR Marlon Brown fighting for extra yards after catching a pass against the Panthers.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

In Thursday's game against the Panthers, the Ravens had things that were good, bad, and straight up ugly. Here is a brief look at the good. The bad will be coming out tomorrow, August 24th, and the ugly will be coming out on Sunday, August 25th.

The Good:

  • Marlon Brown: There is no doubt that Marlon Brown worked his way onto the roster on Thursday night. Brown played well with Flacco, and they connected multiple times. Brown ended with four receptions for 59 yards and a touchdown, which lead the team. Marlon Brown looked as if he could be one of the six receivers that the Ravens may keep, and if he does make the roster, then he deserves it after the way he played against the Panthers.
  • Daryl Smith: Daryl Smith continued to be the most consistent defensive player on the Ravens. Smith has fourteen tackles overall, but ended the game on Thursday with three tackles and a sack. The sack was one of the Ravens' three sacks on the Panthers' quarterbacks. Daryl Smith was all over the field once again tonight, and it does not surprise me one bit that he leads the team in tackles this preseason.
  • John Simon: The OLB out of Ohio State was playing very terrific football on Thursday. Simon ended Thursday's game with two tackles, but he did more than just that. Simon put enormous pressure on the quarterback, whether it be Cam Newton or Jimmy Clausen taking snaps. Simon showed why he is still on the team, and why he will probably continue to be on the team, in Baltimore on Thursday.
  • Albert McClellan: Albert McClellan may have had the best game out of all the defenders on the Ravens. He ended the game with five tackles and one sack, which was almost identical to the game that Anthony Levine had. Levine also had five tackles, but he did not get the one sack like McClellan. Albert has had a very good preseason so far, especially since he has had some pretty big hits, a few of which almost forced fumbles.
  • Lardarius Webb: The recovering CB didn't have too many problems on Thursday, although he didn't play too much since he is still recovering from a torn ACL. In Webb's limited time on the field, he had three tackles and a pass deflected, which almost was an interception. With the return of Webb, the secondary looked to be a lot better. The communication didn't fail; the coverage wasn't bad; and even Jimmy Smith played a fairly decent game.
  • Marshal Yanda: RG Marshal Yanda only played the first to series', but it was obvious that he made a difference. When he was on the field, the Ravens had the best drive of the game, and they didn't do a bad job with much of anything. The entire line was blocking well, the running backs were able to get through holes, and Joe Flacco was protected. After Yanda left in the third series, the offensive line basically collapsed, and couldn't do much of anything the rest of the game.
  • Bobby Rainey: If there was one running back that needed to be mentioned, that would be Bobby Rainey. Not only did Rainey have 31 yards rushing on three attempts, but he also played phenomenal special teams. He returned two kickoffs for a total of 31 yards, along with one punt for 60 yards. Rainey would have scored a touchdown on the punt return, but he got dangerously close to the sidelines, and could not get around a block that was ahead of him, which forced him to go out of bounds.
  • Brandon Stokley: New wide receiver Brandon Stokley had a very well-played game. He and Flacco could not stop connecting at the beginning of the game, which really worked in the Ravens' favor. Stokley ended the game with three receptions for 43 yards, one of which happened to be a 27-yard gain over the middle. Stokley showed everyone that age is nothing but a number in Thursday's game.
  • Ray Rice: The Pro-Bowl running back was at it again Thursday night, where he rushed for 61 yards on 16 attempts. Those are not the best numbers, but he wasn't getting very good blocks on a lot of those carries. When the offensive line would block well, which was rare, Rice would thrive, getting as high as a 15-yard gain on one play.
This is most definitely not all of the players that played well in Thursday's game against the Panthers, but it was the notable ones. If you want to make a case for why another player should be on this list, feel free to do so. I may just add whatever player you suggest on this list.


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