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LaQuan Williams Battling For Ravens Roster Spot Once Again

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Competing for one of the final spots isn't anything new for third-year receiver LaQuan Williams.

LaQuan Williams is battling for a roster spot once again.
LaQuan Williams is battling for a roster spot once again.
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LaQuan Williams isn't done yet.

Each year it's been a battle for him to make the 53-man roster. As a rookie, he entered training camp as an unknown product out of Maryland, who spent a large portion of his collegiate career injured. During the lockout-ridden 2011 offseason, he He was working at a Sherwin-Williams store and only received one call for an offseason roster spot, which was with Baltimore.

Williams did enough that preseason and made the roster. In 2012, Williams had his back against the wall again, but managed to do enough in camp to earn a spot again.

Here he is again, working for a roster spot. Nothing's come easy to Williams in any of his three NFL preseasons.

Williams is in the midst of a position battle once again. There are a lot of talented receivers battling to round out the depth chart, including Deonte Thompson, David Reed, Aaron Mellette, Tommy Streeter and Marlon Brown. Once again, it's not an easy path for Williams.

"Day by day, I just try to prove myself every day," Williams said. "I just want to show out. We got a lot of young guys who are hungry. We've got a lot of competition and we're all pushing each other."

Williams had a brief setback early in camp when he injured his shoulder. But he returned this week and immediately began catching just about every pass thrown his way. He appeared to have some discomfort at one point and had a trainer help stretch his shoulder out. Once it felt a little looser, he jumped back in with his reps.

"Everything's good it's just a little bruised up," Williams said. "It definitely felt good to get back out there and get back into the routine, just trying to get back into the swing of things."

One of Williams' closest friends is Torrey Smith, who also played college football with Williams in college at Maryland. Smith believes Williams is deserving of a spot.

"He’s a great receiver, and I think, obviously, given the opportunity, he can go out there and perform," Smith said. "People forget that when we played the Steelers a couple of years ago [in 2011], LaQuan was the third receiver, and he made two clutch catches on the [game-winning] drive for us. Obviously, he can make big-time plays in the right situations."

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