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More Writing On The Wall For Anthony Allen?

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Special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg seemed to hint that Kyle Juszczyk could play Allen's position on special teams if they wanted him to.

Special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg said Kyle Juszczyk can play Anthony Allen's lead blocking role on the return team.
Special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg said Kyle Juszczyk can play Anthony Allen's lead blocking role on the return team.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

A week ago I wondered whether Anthony Allen would lose his spot due to the NFL's numbers game, not necessarily due to his talent level.

Based on comments from Ravens special teams coordinator Jerry Rosburg, it would seem the Ravens could be heading in that direction. Fullback Kyle Juszczyk has been a staple on special teams during practices and preseason games. He's a fullback but can run like a running back.

If he can fill the lead blocking role on kickoff and punt returns, which is what Allen did a year ago, then it could mean Allen is without a job in Baltimore for the 2013 season.

Here's what Rosburg had to say about Juszczyk and Allen:

On Juszczyk's role on special teams:

"Kyle is playing in all four special teams in the preseason. We use him very much like we use other running back/linebacker types, even though he’s a fullback by trade. Because he can run well enough, he’s able to play positions where we usually put linebackers or running back-type guys. The thing that Kyle possesses [and] that serves him well on special teams is he has some defensive skills; he’s able to use his hands and get off blocks and as was represented in the tackle he made in the first game. He can run down the field and make a tackle in space. It’s not unique to fullbacks, but there aren’t that many fullbacks that can do that, and he’s off to a good start."

Which then transitioned into Allen and whether anyone, such as Juszczyk, could ultimately take that position:

"As you’ve probably noticed, [Juszczyk] is working at the position opposite Anthony Allen, so those two guys are very much interchangeable. They’re both working on both skills, yes."

Allen was exceptional in helping Jones score four return touchdowns, counting the 2012 regular season and postseason. Unfortunately for Allen, his time might be up.

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