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John Harbaugh: Terrence Cody Improving Technique

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A healthy Terrence Cody could be a big difference for Baltimore in 2013.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Terrence Cody had a 2012 season to forget.

There was some wonder whether he'd have a spot on the 2013 team, especially if he was unable to have a strong training camp.

According to coach John Harbaugh, it would appear Cody is on the right track for some playing time in the defense's regular rotation this season. Asked about Cody's performance on Saturday, Harbaugh said the fourth-year nose tackle's progress has been positive through the preseason.

"He's done well," Harbaugh told reporters. "He's played well in training camp, so there's no issue with Terrence [Cody] and the way he's playing at all. He's graded out really highly, and I think he's improved. The hip being healthy has helped him, it seems like, but more than that, his technique is a lot better. He's playing with his hands. He's playing square and just playing with more power. He's moving his feet a little better."

As of now, Cody's been rotating in on the second team defensive line, with Haloti Ngata starting with the first-team offensive line. He dealt with elbow and hip injuries during 2012, which limited his effectiveness.

If Cody's able to stay injury-free in 2013 then the Ravens will have another body to bolster their defensive line for the 2013 season.

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