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ATTENTION: Writers Wanted

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During this upcoming week Baltimore Beatdown will be holding a competition to find who our next staff-writer will be.

Hey you guys! Today instead of a normal post I thought I would put up one outlining something I've always sort of felt to be a need: Getting more writers on our staff. We have quite a few members on our masthead, but it seems as though our only regular writers are Jason, Victor, and I. Now, certainly Baltimore Beatdown would like more diversity than that!

So this is where you guys come in handy. This week we will be holding a competition of sorts for all who are interested. What are the requirements, you ask?


-E-mail me ( stating that you are interesting in the opportunity.

-Post a minimum of one fanpost in the coming week.

-Be willing to contribute at least one story per week if you are selected.

-Be willing to change your username to your actual name (First Last). We are trying to create a professional atmosphere here, and that means giving up our anonymity for the sake of quality. 

-Most importantly, be a good writer! Now I am well aware that I'm no Ernest Hemingway myself, but if you want to write on the front-page you need to demonstrate a relatively high level of quality worthy of seeing prime exposure (namely correct factual information, a decent flow, and minimal grammatical errors).

Thank you for your time and I hope to read many of your posts soon! The "winner" will be introduced next Monday as our newest staff-writer.

Get to writing!