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Ravens Mount A Comeback, Win 27-23

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A victory in which no one is pleased: A rare feat.

Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

After a pathetic first-half showing by the Baltimore Ravens, in which they trailed 20-7 at one point, Tyrod Taylor and the rest of the second-stringers mounted a fourth quarter comeback to win the game 27-23.

The impressive performance by the Ravens' reserves hardly makes up for the dismal showing by the starting offense. A game in which the first-team offense could only muster up seven first-half points provoked John Harbaugh to claim "that was the worst first-half performance I've ever seen."

Despite winning the game in the end, I imagine there is not a single smile in the Baltimore locker-room right now.

All the Ravens can really do now is take this game as a learning experience and move on. Hopefully we see a much stronger performance next week as the starters will play about three quarters of football and the 53 man roster begins to shape up.

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