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Tuesday's Mailbag: August 13th, 2013

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Can Stokley & Clark replace Boldin & Pitta? What tight-ends will make the roster? and more!

New Ravens' WR Brandon Stokley catches pass at Monday's practice.
New Ravens' WR Brandon Stokley catches pass at Monday's practice.
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Tuesday, Ravens Nation! I hope everyone is having a splendid Tuesday! It is only 2 more days until the Ravens take on the Falcons for the second preseason game of 2013. Will they score over forty points this game? It's hard to say, but it is definitely possible! We don't have too many questions for this week, but we have enough to keep us busy! Let's get started!

Q1: When you say Clark can "grab balls out of the air with force," how does that compare with Anquan Boldin's ability to do that? - Beverly Couch

As many people know, Anquan Boldin was known as Joe Flacco's "security blanket," which means Joe could toss the ball up to Anquan and he would catch it, even when he was not fully open.

Dallas Clark has the same ability to do this, but not to the level of Boldin. Clark's specialty is reaching his arms out high in the air, to catch whatever ball comes near him. He also leaps into the air to grab balls-- whether it be with one hand or two.

Dallas Clark is a tight-end that knows how to receive the ball around defenders, since he has had tons of experience here in the NFL, ten years to be exact.

Q2: Who helped and hurt themselves the most in Week 1? - @realWillThrill

Helped: WR LaQuan Williams. He played outstanding on Thursday night, recovering two fumbles, one resulting in a touchdown. He also had two receptions for 32 yards and a touchdown. Williams had the game of his career, and even though it didn't count, it definitely helps his chances of making the 2013 roster and possibly starting.

Hurt: A mix of WR Jacoby Jones, WR Tandon Doss, and WR David Reed. All three guys were on the field at some point, but none of them caught a pass or really helped the team offensively. For Doss and Reed, this not a good thing at all. With the signing of Stokley, the emergence of Marlon Brown and LaQuan Williams, and the fact that Jacoby Jones and Deonte Thompson are still on the team, will make it much harder for either of these guys to make the roster, much less becoming the #3 receiver.

Of course, the help column could also feature any of these guys:

  • Moe Lee: Caught one INT in the 4th quarter.
  • Brandon Copeland: Caught one INT in the 4th quarter.
  • Adrian Hamilton: Had one tackle and one sack.
  • Daryl Smith: Had four tackles.
  • Aaron Mellette: Had one reception for 21 yards and a touchdown.
  • Bobby Rainey: Had one 58-yard kick return.
Q3: What is the tight-end situation now? - @realWillThrill

After the Clark signing, this is a very large debate. Most people believe that the Ravens will keep two additional tight-ends, besides Ed Dickson. The Ravens have the following tight-ends at the moment:

  • Ed Dickson
  • Billy Bajema
  • Matt Furstenburg
  • Visanthe Shiancoe
  • Dallas Clark
  • Alex Silvestro
I believe that the Ravens will keep three of these six tight-ends; the real question is who will they be?

I think that Ed Dickson is a lock to be on the team. There's one.

Billy Bajema is a pretty nice blocker, something the Ravens could use. There's two.

Matt Furstenburg will be cut and put on the practice squad, so he won't make the actual 53-man roster.

Alex Silvestro plays both tight-end and defensive end, so I believe he will be put on the practice squad, as well.

Now it is down to Visanthe Shiancoe and Dallas Clark. Clark is one year older than Shiancoe, but he does have 2,645 more yards, along with 23 more touchdowns. Both have played the same amount of seasons. It seems to me like the better addition would be Dallas Clark, which means Shiancoe is out. There's three.

These are not my final picks, especially since we haven't seen Clark play in a Ravens uniform yet. We will just have to see what happens in the next few preseason games.

Q4: Where do you see LaQuan Williams in the wide receiver competition? - @T_Strad

Before Thursday, I didn't really think that Williams would even be too relevant in the competition. I believed that there were a few receivers ahead of him, including Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones, Tandon Doss, Deonte Thompson, and Aaron Mellette.

Now, after Thursday's game, I think that he has jumped ahead of Doss and Mellette, along with possibly Thompson. I would look for LaQuan Williams to get a lot of plays at the #3 OR #2 receiving spot. I like Williams, and it seems that John Harbaugh does too.

Q5: Can Stokley & Clark help offset the losses of Boldin & Pitta in Ravens' receiver production? - @SupermanRob2914

In the locker room, I think that Clark and Stokley will be much more outspoken. I think that these two will be able to rally the troops a little better, which will be good for the Ravens, who lack leadership after major losses to motivation during this offseason.

On the field, it will be hard for me to say that a 37 and 34 year-old will be able to produce more than a 32 and 28 year-old, whom were two of Flacco's favorite targets.

Clark could possibly surpass Pitta this year, as long as he can build up a relationship with Joe Flacco, and if he can get a lot of playing time with Ed Dickson still healthy and on the roster.

As for Stokley, I highly doubt that he will produce more of anything on the field than Anquan Boldin. Boldin was a monster. He was the best receiver, he had the best hands, he caught the most passes on third down, he was one-hundred percent reliable, and he was one of the most talented guys on the roster. It will be very hard for 37 year-old Stokley to produce more yards, touchdowns, receptions, blocks... anything.

I still say that both of these guys will have pretty decent seasons, but I don't see either of them producing more than their younger comparison.

Q6: With some nice plays by Chris Canty and Brandon Williams, could Terrance Cody be the odd man out on the defensive line? - @SupermanRob2914

It is very possibly, although I don't believe he won't make the roster. He will be playing NT, right behind Haloti Ngata for the upcoming season.

In Thursday's game, Cody really didn't play a very fantastic game. Cody will have to make up for that in the next few preseason games, but I believe he will make a few nice plays, which will show the coaches that he still deserves to be a part of the football team. If he doesn't make any nice plays in the next three preseason games, then that might be a sign that he is the odd man out, and that he may not deserve to be on the Ravens.

We all will just have to watch Cody closely in the final three preseason games, to see if his talent level goes up any notches, and if he can make a few more plays than he did on Thursday night.

Well, that seems to be the end of this week's edition of Tuesday's Mailbag! I hope you all enjoyed reading it, but remember, you have the chance to be A PART of it! Email me questions at, OR tweet them to me @Frezeal33, OR put them in the comments below. I hope you guys continue to have a wonderful Tuesday, and don't forget to watch the Ravens take on the Atlanta Falcons on Thursday, August 15th at 7:30 PM EST!


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