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What Dallas Clark Brings to the Table

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With the addition of veteran tight-end Dallas Clark, the Ravens have successfully filled a void of concern on offense


Dallas Clark may not be the superstar tight-end he once was with Peyton Manning in Indianapolis, but he still has the experience and knowledge to produce for Baltimore this coming season. If both Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson were healthy the Ravens probably wouldn't have even looked at signing Dallas Clark. Under the circumstances though, he is the Ravens' best bet.

Personally I've always admired Clark's play. He was somewhat overshadowed by Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne in Indianapolis; but that just made him a better target when the former two were being targeted by the secondary. He runs routes effortlessly and has a knack for moving the chains. The Ravens can also expect Clark to be a great crossing-route receiver. He will certainly be a reliable option for Joe Flacco as far as his catching ability. Last year with Tampa he had 47 catches for 435 yards and 4 touchdowns, and only 2 drops.

Unless Dickson is ready by week 1, Clark will start at tight-end to begin the season and then split the time with Dickson once Dickson is back in the rotation. I envision Clark getting plays on early downs and helping move the offensive momentum forward, while Dickson wears down the opposing defenses with his speed. Clark may not be as young, healthy (he had surgery on his wrist in 2010 and would go on to miss most of that season and 5 games in 2011), or fast as he was just a few years ago, but make no mistake that he will be a key success to the Ravens' offense in 2013.