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John Harbaugh Speaks For First Time Since Thursday

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John Harbaugh holds his first presser since Thursday's preseason game against the Buccaneers.

Ravens' WR LaQuan Williams catching a touchdown pass over a Buccaneers' defender on Thursday night.
Ravens' WR LaQuan Williams catching a touchdown pass over a Buccaneers' defender on Thursday night.
Douglas Jones-USA TODAY Sports

John Harbaugh spoke to the media at training camp on Saturday, the first time since Thursday's preseason game versus the Buccaneers. Harbaugh speaks about LaQuan Williams, Adrian Hamilton, Josh Bynes, Daryl Smith and a few other things.

The first question to Harbaugh was about the injuries to Bernard Pierce and Deonte Thompson.

"No comment on any injury situation," said Harbaugh. "If it's something serious I'll let you know. I'm not going to get into every little nick and bruise that we have on our team. If it's serious, you'll know about it."

The next few questions were all about WR LaQuan Williams, who shined in Thursday's game against the Buccaneers.

"He played great, LaQuan played great. He was responsible for three touchdowns, right? He scored two, setup one. Two of those were on special teams, one was on offense. A lot of that touchdown on offense was based on that hurry-up, speed tempo that we used, and we kind of wore their defense out a little bit at the end, the corner was just sucking wind and [LaQuan] ran right by him. I'm proud of those guys for that, but I'm really proud of the way LaQuan played, he's a heck-of-a player. He did a great job."

"LaQuan is a special guy. Here's a guy that, a week ago, had a shoulder issue that would have kept a lot of guys out for a couple weeks. A lot of guys wouldn't have played with that shoulder he had. He came back, he practiced and he played with it, and was rewarded with that kind of a performance. To me, I think that's a good lesson for guys trying to earn their way in this league. He's a very tough guy."

Harbaugh was then asked about WR Marlon Brown, who also played a pretty decent game on Thursday night.

"Marlon has done a nice job. Marlon is a guy that had an ACL last year, I think November first, and came back from it obviously very quickly, credit his rehab with Georgia down there, and also his work ethic. You saw him in the game, he played well, that's how he's practiced, obviously he's got a lot to work on, but he's working himself into the competition."

A question not about the game or any players is asked, but Harbaugh seemed to enjoy it. It was a question about whether or not John is excited about going back to M&T Bank Stadium tomorrow, for another open practice.

"Oh yeah, I'm really excited about that. It's going to be fun. I can't wait for it; our guys are looking forward to it. It's our home. I think it's the best stadium in football. It's classic, it's a classic stadium, and even though it's older now--it's been around a little while now-- it seems like it's brand new, I mean you walk in and get in there and it's sparkling in every way. It's always fun to go to M&T Bank."

Harbaugh gets asked about LB Daryl Smith, who didn't miss a beat on Thursday.

"I thought Daryl Smith played great in every way. There wasn't one negative aspect of his performance. He's going to be a very big part of our defense this year."

John Harbaugh then gets asked about ILB Josh Bynes.

"I would say Josh has only gotten better, he acquitted himself very well in there, as you saw. He played like a starting inside linebacker. He's the leader right now for that spot. He's going to be challenged by a couple other guys, strongly, but he played very well."

Harbaugh is asked about Adrian Hamilton, who made a few plays on Thursday, showing off his pass-rushing skills a bit.

"Adrian played well. He's a guy that sometimes you think of as a one-dimensional guy and, truthfully, he has been that up until Thursday night, and Thursday night he played the run very solidly and he played his assignments well. I feel like he played himself back into contention, and he's back in the mix."

According to John Harbaugh, he was impressed with Bynes, Hamilton, Smith, Williams, and Brown, who all played very well, and all of them are now in the mix to not only make the team, but to also get playing time when the regular season comes around.


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