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Revamped Defensive Line Impresses In Preseason Debut

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The Ravens needed to upgrade their defensive line from last season. One preseason game down and they look pretty good.

J. Meric

Its only one preseason game, but the Ravens upgrades on the defensive line seem to be working out. The defense certainly had some communication breakdowns in the secondary, but the defense line continued to shine.

The Ravens continually got pressure from their down linemen, which forced the Buccaneers QBs out of the pocket.

The defensive line was absolutely an issue last year. The Ravens lacked penetration up the middle and this is imperative to freeing up Terrell Suggs and now Elvis Dumervil.

Last season, the Ravens only got 12 sacks from their defensive linemen.

Haloti Ngata has always been the focal point of the defense line and due to some departures, he struggled last year. Terrence Cody is someone who either needs to step up or move on. He only had 25 total tackles last season. Cody looked like he was playing on ice skates at times last year.

Thursday night’s game gives the Ravens hope that they might have corrected this issue from last year. Ngata seems to be getting some help up front. It also looks like Pernell McPhee and other young contributors are progressing. McPhee and Arthur Jones both had two tackles and Chris Canty added a sack.

The defensive line is certainly not a weakness anymore. In true Ozzie Newsome fashion, he has turned a weakness into a possible strength. If these guys can get penetration up the middle, then the edge rushers could be even scarier then we originally thought.

Do you think the Ravens defensive line will be a strength this season?