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2013 WR Depth Chart Projections

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With Joe Flacco's favorite targets gone it is time for some of our younger talent to prove their worth. Who will rise to the occasion and who will plummet into the ranks of obscurity?

Rob Carr

No.1 Torrey Smith:

With Anquan Boldin currently sitting on the dock of the bay (thank you Otis), Smith is the clear-cut choice to take over his duties as the No.1 wide receiver. Smith is poised to break out this year, as he will more-than-likely be Joe Flacco's go-to guy, and I don't think it would be too far-fetched to say he will see anywhere from 80-100 passes and 1000+ receiving yards.

No.2 Tandon Doss:

Even though I am still not completely sold on Doss, I think this is the most logical choice as he is more of a possession-receiver and would compliment Smith's speedy style of play more than another burner like Deonte Thompson or Jacoby Jones. While Doss was hand-picked by Flacco to be a slot-receiver, he has faltered to this point in his career; proving to be rather inconsistent in his limited playing time. If Doss can get his inconsistencies under control and have a strong training camp and pre-season, the No.2 spot is his for the taking.

No.3 Jacoby Jones:

I've always viewed Jones as more of a true No.3 because his speed makes him valuable when the offense is trying to stretch out the defense, but his lack of physicality and questionable hands prevent him from being a solid No.2 option (as we saw in Houston for so many years). Regardless of Jones' ascension to superstardom in Baltimore, I think it makes much more sense for him to stay at No.3.

No.4 LaQuan Williams:

Yes I am crazy. But that's not why I think Williams will end up being the No.4 WR. Regardless of the amount of buzz that Deonte Thompson has been getting lately, I think Williams ends up edging him out for the No.4 spot for one reason; experience. During 2011, Williams played in several games due to the injury to Lee Evans and has seen up-close what it takes to play in the NFL. While Thompson may be the fastest guy on the team, he has yet to prove anything (in the NFL or in the NCAA) that makes me think he is deserving of the No.4 spot. While this could certainly change by the end of the pre-season, I think that right now Williams is the best option here.

No.5 David Reed:

Yep, David Reed. Reed is very well-liked throughout the organization and I think the coaching staff will feel a lot more comfortable giving him the nod over an inexperienced undrafted free agent (Thompson). Just like the No.5 spot, however, I think a lot can change if Thompson has a strong training camp and pre-season. As of right now, though, I think David Reed is the No.5 WR due to his experience and high-standing in the front-office.

"So what happens to Deonte Thompson?":

Thompson, like most undrafted free agents, is a wildcard; meaning that we have no idea what he is or isn't capable of. Where Thompson will end up spans anywhere from the No.4 spot (an outstanding pre-season) to ending up on the practice squad (a not-so-outstanding pre-season). This guy has a lot to prove; and until he does, I just don't feel comfortable giving him any spot on the depth-chart. The flip-side of this, however, is that he controls his own destiny with how he performs. Ball's in your court, Thompson, what are you going to do with it?