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Could You Date Another Team's Fan?

If you met a nice girl (or guy) and found out they were a fan of your favorite team's arch rival,could you still date them? Marry them? Live in peace and harmony?

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My girlfriend (and now fiance') lives in New Jersey, grew up in a family of New York Giants fans. She's not a huge football fan but rooted for the Giants when they came to Baltimore (and got crushed!) with two other Giants fans in December. Her two brothers are fans, respectively, of the Dallas Cowboys and yes, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Her Steelers fan brother kept telling me the Ravens were going to lose to the Indianapolis Colts, Denver Broncos, New England Patriots and definitely, the San Francisco 49ers. How'd that go, dude? Perhaps he was upset when I secretly put a Ravens ornament on his Christmas Tree?

Anyway, if you met that person who floated your boat and went out with them, but shortly thereafter, found out they were a fan of another NFL team, could you let it go, give them a pass, all in the name of love?

I dated a Washington Redskins fan, but looked at it differently, as I see those Deadskins as a big notch below the Ravens. Of course, losing there in frustrating fashion didn't help anything, although thankfully, I wasn't dating her any longer when that happened. Bet somewhere, she was happily gloating over that!

Dating a fan of the Cowboys, Cleveland Browns or most other NFL teams might not be a deal breaker, but a fan of your most hated rival? That could be a tough hurdle, at least once, twice or perhaps even three times a season. I've seen those couples who wear opposing jerseys and still appear to be happy together, but are they really?

Have you had this experience and if so, could you tie the knot with a fan of your most despised NFL opponent?