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Tuesday's Mailbag: July 9th, 2013

Should the Ravens have kept Boldin? Are the Ravens good at every position? & more!

Former Ravens' WR Anquan Boldin walks into the end zone for a touchdown.
Former Ravens' WR Anquan Boldin walks into the end zone for a touchdown.
Larry French

Happy Tuesday, Ravens Nation! I hope you all are having terrific days, as I know I am! I am on my way to Charlotte, NC as you read this, so I will be taking a little vacation! I hope you guys enjoy this week's edition of the mailbag! Let's get started!

Q1: In your opinion, should the Ravens have kept Anquan Boldin and Ed Reed? - Chris Chrystal

In my opinion, no. I think the front office made very good executive decisions when dealing with these two. The Ravens couldn't afford either of them, so they decided to let them go. They offered Boldin a contract extension/pay cut, but he didn't take it, forcing them to trade him. Granted, they could have attempted to get more than a low draft pick for him, but I do believe they made the right decision there.

Boldin is 32, while Reed is 34. Both of them could have productive seasons, as they did last year, but there was no point. We wanted to get younger, so that's why we got rid of them also. Having younger receivers like Smith, Doss, Thompson, etc. will be better for the future of this team. Having younger safeties like Matt Elam and James Ihedigbo will also be more beneficial to the Ravens' future.

Getting rid of Boldin and Reed broke a lot of Ravens' fans' hearts, but it was for the good of the team. Remember, Ozzie didn't even attempt to sign Reed back, so there may have been a good reason for that. One that we might not ever know, unless it's for the same reasons I listed above.

Q2: Next year, should we pursue another corner? Somebody like Darrelle Revis? - Chris Chrystal

I don't think so. Although, I don't know how great our CB's will do this year. If Brown, Smith, Graham, and Webb all work out like they are projected to, they could be a dangerous set of CB's for years to come, making it unnecessary to grab any big name CB's.

Of course, if the CB's this season don't work out, the Ravens might have to explore free agency hard next season. I, like the rest of Ravens' fans, am hoping that the CB corps works out this year, because they are crucial if the Ravens want to repeat as Super Bowl Champions again this year.

Q3: Do you think that the NFL should hold TWO pre-season games instead of its current FOUR? - Chris Chrystal

In the email you sent me, you made some good points.

  • Teams would have less time to see our plays and figure out their strategy against us.
  • There is less of a chance that players will get hurt, since there are two less games.
I would agree with both of those points, but there is one big thing that makes me want the NFL to keep it at four games.

If they only had two pre-season games, it would give the coaches and front office less time to come up with rosters, along with it giving "bubble" players less time to showcase what they can do and their special talents. Just think, if a guy has a terrible game in two of the pre-season games, he can still make up his bad performance in the other two games, which makes it easier on him. If there were only two games, he probably wouldn't make the roster, since he played bad in both.

It would make sense to cut two games, but it would also make sense to keep them.

The NFL will probably always have four pre-season games, because it's all about the Benjamin's. The NFL would lose a lot of money with less pre-season games, so they would never want to get rid of them. I'm actually surprised that they haven't added more.

Q4: Do you think the Ravens are truly set at all positions or is there another player and position that they should seriously think about this year? - Chris Chrystal

I believe the Ravens are pretty good on every position.

On the offense:

The Offensive Line: There are concerns with the offensive line and how they may perform this season, but it looks to me like they'll be okay, and there will be no need to attempt to grab anymore offensive linemen.

Quarterback: Obviously Joe Flacco is the man to start for years to come, but his backups don't look too bad either. If the Ravens keep Tyrod Taylor and Caleb Hanie, they have the potential to be solid backups, if they work a little harder to improve. With these three, it doesn't seem like the Ravens need to pursue a quarterback.

Running Back: Just looking at the first two on the depth chart shows that the Ravens don't need another RB. Ray Rice is one of the most talented RB's in the league, while Bernard Pierce is in the running for best backup RB in the league. This duo is enough for the Ravens, as they both have very special talents.

Wide Receiver: This position has been questionable ever since the Anquan Boldin trade. The Ravens have guys like Torrey Smith, Jacoby Jones, Tandon Doss, Deonte Thompson, etc. that are attempting to fill the void of Boldin, as they are also young guys. It looks to me like the Ravens have no need for another WR, as long as the young guys work out for them.

Tight End: Dennis Pitta and Ed Dickson are looking to be a Hernandez-Gronkowski type duo, which they are very capable of. I believe that these two will work out and show the fans a better season than they have ever had, which means there is no need for another TE.

Full Back: Kyle Juszczyk. Enough said.

Linebacker: Just grouping all of the LB's together, we have a very strong LB corps. Just look at guys like Suggs, Dumervil, Upshaw, etc. it looks like we will be perfectly fine at the LB position.

Cornerback: As I mentioned earlier in this article, the cornerback position seems strong to me, as long as Smith, Graham, Brown, Webb, etc. all come to play next season. I think we're good at this position, for now.

Safety: With guys like Huff, Ihedigbo, and Elam, you can't really go wrong. If Elam can meet expectations, our safeties will be looking good next season.

I didn't do every position like: NT, ILB, MLB, OLB, RT, LT, C, DT, etc. but I tried to show you that the Ravens don't need much, as long as the rookies and other young guys can come out a produce last season, like some of the veterans did.

Well, it seems like this is the end of this week's segment of Tuesday's Mailbag! I hate that there were only four questions, so I would like for there to be more waiting for me next week! I would like to thank Chris Chrystal for asking ALL of the questions for this week's mailbag! Remember to send your questions to OR tweet them to me @Frezeal33 OR leave them in the comments below! Have a great rest of your week, Ravens Nation! Only 58 more days until kickoff!