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Off-Season of Smooth Sailing

Unlike years past there are no contract hold outs or drama hanging over the Ravens front office workers heads.


Normally for NFL teams there will be some off-season drama that continues into training camp and sometimes the season. Whether it be a disgruntled star looking for a raise, a player who is playing under the franchise tag looking for a long term deal, or a player holding out for more. Coming off of a Super Bowl victory the off season is already shorter for the Ravens front office than for the rest of the league but luckily we don't have any of the normal drama.

The Ravens stated if they could work out a long term deal for Joe Cool than they would not be using the franchise tag this off-season. When they were able to reach a deal that made Joe the highest paid QB in the league the off-season drama of the franchise tag was eliminated. When the draft came the Ravens had a few glaring needs but just like Ozzie usually does he filled them with ease.

Once all of our glaring needs were filled and free agents signed it was a perfect setup for all energy and focus to be turned to the upcoming season. With the shortened off-season it was imperative that the Ravens front office work everything out and get the team setup for another run at the playoffs and they did just that!