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Can we snap the Super Bowl playoff curse

The last 7 superbowl champs are 0-4 in playoff games the year after.

I am a very superstitious person. I believed in the Madden Curse (and still do to some extent) until Calvin Johnson took it and passed it on to his teammates. I have noticed that defending superbowl champions never have amazing the next year. The last team to repeat as Superbowl champions is NE in XXXVIII XXXIX. Do you think we have a chance to repeat, or at least win a playoff game? I could never guarantee a superbowl, but I think we could at least win 1 playoff game, if not more. I think the ONLY thing that could hold us back is chemistry. We have at least 2 new starters on offense, Gino Gradkowski and whatever WR wins the battle. The thing is we could have around 7 new starters on defense: Chris Canty, Brandon Williams (possibly), Elvis Dumervil, Daryl Smith, Arthur Brown, Michael Huff, and Matt Elam. I think we can easily pull it out, but that is our possibly only problem.