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Which Opposing QB Haunts Ravens?

Over the years, the Ravens have played against some Hall of Fame worthy quarterbacks, but can you guess who has the most career passing yards and the single game record against them?

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have been around for 17 NFL seasons since moving here from Cleveland and re-inventing the franchise. During that span, they've played against quite a few top-notch quarterbacks and even a bunch of future Hall of Fame ones.

Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Drew Brees are probably locks to be enshrined in Canton, Ohio one day, but none of them are the answer to either question. Of these names, Brees came closest, throwing for 383 yards in the Ravens 35-22 victory over New Orleans in the 2006 season, but even that many yards was only good enough for the 5th most passing yards against them.

Peyton's best game (357 yards) against Baltimore was only good enough for 15th on the list, Favre's best (337 yards) only good enough for 20th and Brady's best only good enough for 21st. For comparison purposes, Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger had his best game against the Ravens (330 yards) in 2006, 24th best versus this defense.

So who has the most career passing yards and who had the single best passing yardage game against the Ravens? Surprisingly, the career best still came from the AFC North, but it was former Cincinnati Bengals QB Carson Palmer who currently holds the record (3,570 in 14 games).

The most passing yards against the Ravens in a single game came from a former Ravens QB, in fact the first one to line up under center in the franchise's history. In the final game of the Super Bowl-winning 2000 season, Baltimore defeated the New York Jets 34-20 despite a 36 for 69, 481 yards passing performance by Jets QB Vinny Testeverde. Thankfully, Testeverde threw three interceptions along with his two TD passes in that record-setting afternoon.

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